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Well that's a boring story if I ever heard one.
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OMG... Before I look it up, I want to make a prediction... The Grand Nagus is what's-his-name (the leader of Fezzik and Inigo) from the Princess Bride!

Yup! I'd know that voice anywhere! (Reminder to self: "what's-his-name"'s name is Vizzini, and the actor is Wallace Shawn.)
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Ty Kajada: "What kind of fool are you?"
Odo: "My own special variety."

Also, allow me to exhibit a moment of otaku snobbishness:
AOL Music (i.e., XM Radio) apparently has a station called Anime Radio. Yay!!!
However. It's listed under the "Kids" category.
BOO!!! HISS!!! You're currently playing a friggin' Noir song. Noir is not a kids' show!

And Kidz Bop is scary. You think you can re-package "Lose My Breath" by changing a few lines, having a group of kids provide backup vocals, and taking advantage of kids' apparent naiveté? Frankly, I think it's just plain creepy, having these kids singing songs like this, even if they are "diluted".
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By putting Jadzia to death, you will not only be putting Dax to death for a crime it may have committed, but you will also be putting Jadzia, who certainly had nothing to do with this murder, to death. That seems enough of an argument for me.
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From Memory Alpha (the Star Trek wiki):
The following comes from the script for TNG: Menage a Troi:
Keh-ee Yoor-ee Dah-teh-ee...
The first part of Tog's computer sucurity access code. Presumably the syllables are either the names of Ferengi letters, or words, i.e numbers.
This sequence is an in-joke making reference to the Anime series "Dirty Pair". Kei and Yuri are characters that appear in the series, and in Japanese the names Kei and Yuri and Dirty Pair would be pronounced ke-i yu-ri dah-te-i pah. The names of kei and Yuri also appear written in japanese in the Iconian written language.

Wow... That's really funny. ^_^;

I love you, O'Brien. Almost as much as I love Broccoli.


May. 28th, 2006 09:50 pm
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Jadzia: "I suggest that you allow yourself to feel comfortable with your discomfort; time can do the rest."

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この仕事を探すのは大変。 じつは、一生懸命探さないけど、本当に頑張っています。 授業料を払えなかったら、どうしよう。

シスコはピカードのことをきらいかもしれません。 どうしてあたしはDS9をもっと見なかったの? それに、犬ちゃんのお父さんのDVDをもう貸してもらえないのね。

[EDIT: あっ、きらいね。 In English, though, is Picard superior to Sisko? He acts like it by not outright speaking his mind.

[EDIT: Ah, Sisko's got three circle-y things (yup, I'm a real Trekkie alright - "circle-y things"), I guess Picard is superior.]]


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