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So, Expanding Horizons doesn't want to move me (which isn't unusual for the company losing a client), and the Integrity Living Options (the new company) doesn't want to move me, leaving us with the only option of having my social worker move me in her small SUV. Even if I had the money to pay for a U-Haul (or any vehicle larger than her SUV), she wouldn't be allowed to drive it. I don't know how the fuck this move is going to happen now...
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ARGH! Maybe 45 minutes ago I heard Codey leave his room and take his dirty bedding to the laundry room, as he does, and then go upstairs for a smoke, as he does. Maybe half an hour later I go upstairs to pour myself some cereal, and Codey's sitting there on the couch next to M with the TV off, and with overnight staff sleeping on the couch across from him. (According to her she had asked him if he wanted a cigarette when he came upstairs, and apparently he didn't, although a pack of his cigarettes was on the dining room table, perhaps in case he changed his mind, or perhaps she put out there earlier in case she fell asleep. IDK - not the point of this story anyway.)

So, I finish my cereal, and Codey and I go downstairs to where out bedrooms are. I happen to go into his room to mark off the days on his calendar until when I leave (for better or worse, I'd like him to understand that "our days are numbered), and realize not only has he not re-made his bed, but he also doesn't have any clean bedding where staff are supposed to put it. Staff KNOW that he needs to have clean bedding there when he goes on bed at night. Thankfully it turned out his bedding was in the dryer, with a load of normal clothes in the washer, but this was either a major failing of day staff and a minor failing of overnight staff in assuming day staff had taken care of this, or a day staff had passed down the laundry status and it was a major failing of overnight staff to not finish the job. Regardless, I don't think either today's day or overnight staff are being thorough about pass-down.

Anyway, I put Codey's dry bedding in his room so he could make his bed and go back to sleep, put the clothes from the washer into the dryer, and woke up overnight staff (which is quite a challenge - I had to resort to plugging her nose and closing her lips, although she awoke as soon as I touched her lips) to apprise her of the situation, and to let her know not to assume day staff did everything they needed to. I'll also be letting Diane know what happened on Monday morning.

Seriously, though, this kind of shit is why I hate it when staff sometimes gets resentful about me "telling them how to do their jobs". A) I've been hearing for over three years and most of you have been here less than a year, B) no-one's perfect and often when I say something it's meant as a suggestion that you may not have consider, and C) sometimes staff actually fuck up and their superiors aren't around to notice it, much less comment on it.

Blargh. I want to say "thank goodness I'll be gone soon", but I don't mean it for all sorts of reasons. I just hope that after I tell Diane about it on Monday, she'll make sure that shit doesn't happen again.
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1. Do you make your bed?
Only when my room is clean enough that making the bed is a "finishing touch".

2. The first car that was officially yours?
Can't drive.

3. Three grocery items you don't run out of?
I don't think there's anything I *never* run out of, but generally speaking, probably eggs, milk, and protein powder?

4. When did you start doing your own laundry?
My first year in the dorms, which would have been fall '05.

5. If you could, would you go to High School again?
In a heartbeat, and this time with proper help for my disabilities.

6. Can you parallel park in under three moves?
Can't drive.

7. A job you had people would be shocked to know?
Probably nothing.

8. Do you think aliens are real?
Do I think aliens exist? Almost certainly. Do I think they've been anywhere near earth? Nope.

9. Can you drive a stick shift?
Can't drive a stick or automatic.

10. Guilty TV pleasure?
Hoarders, perhaps?

11. Would you rather be too hot or too cold?
I'd rather be too hot than too cold, but at least when you're too cold you can usually put on more layers.

12. If the world ends do you want to be one of the survivors?

13. Sweet or salty?

14. Do you enjoy soaking in a nice bath?
If I have a book or good music with me.

15. Do you consider yourself strong?
Not at all.

16. Something people do, physically, that drives you crazy?
Chewing with their mouth open.

17. Something you do, physically, that you are sure drives people crazy?
Snorting when I have mucous stuck in my nasal passages.

18. Do you have any birthmarks?
Not that I'm aware of.

19. Favorite childhood game?
Four square.

20. Do you talk to yourself?

21. Do you like doing jig-saw puzzles?
Sure, as long as they're not TOO hard.

22. Would you go on a reality TV show?
Depends on the show.

23. Tea or coffee?
Seeing as I despise coffee, tea for sure.

24. First thing you remember wanting to be when you grew up?
Astronaut, perhaps? I also wanted to be teacher, nun/teacher, ballerina, and an aerospace engineer who would design an interstellar spaceship a la the Enterprise D.

25. No matter how much money you have or don't have, what are you an absolute snob about?
Maybe buying "ethical" animal products? Also not buying products that are cheap in both senses of the word. Usually I'd rather not have something than have a shitty something.
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Guys, I have a problem... As we've been looking at me possibly moving to that foster home in White Bear Lake, I realized that I won't be able to move all of my belongings in one van ride, even with all but two seats removed. The biggest (literally) problem is my desk I got for free while in Duluth: it's a solid wood (oak?) desk, with three drawers on one side, and two on the other, one of which is actually for hanging files. If it were brand new, it would probably cost upwards of $500 retail. It's not in perfect condition, but it's literally the nicest desk I've ever had.

So even I do an amazing job of getting rid of most of my media, etc., the likelihood of me being able to get another desk like this is low. I mean, obviously I could try to sell it, but I don't know how or where to sell it so I would get close to its actual value, and maybe find another desk like it for the same amount I sold it for in the Twin Cities. And of course, there's the fact that I'd have trouble separating from most of my other belongings anyway. When I last moved 150 miles, I was able to pick up more stuff each time I visited the Cities, but I won't have a reason to visit Duluth on the regular, and Heights House doesn't exactly have the extra storage space that Columbia Heights Board and Lodge did.

So, I'm thinking I need to rent a U-Haul, which would cost $150 that I don't have (unless of course I manage to sell my desk), and then I'd also have to pay for a car rental to get staff back to Duluth, and this is all assuming Expanding Horizons would allow its staff to drive rental vehicles that I paid for, or that U-Haul would allow me to pay for vehicles when I don't even have a driver's license. If I *can* manage to sell my desk for a decent amount, that could cover the cost of a moving vehicle and I wouldn't have to worry about getting rid of my other belongings, but I'd still be deskless and without the funds to buy a new one.

What this all comes down to is that I'm seriously considering passing up an opportunity to live within driving distance of my friends and family, and bussing distance of the U of M, because I don't want to separate with my material possessions. I'm sure my case manager, who has spent three years looking for new housing for me, wouldn't be too pleased with me either. Basically, IDEK.
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  • Вс, 23:57: Kim Jong Il died. O.o
  • Пн, 10:32: Had a super-stressful dream this morning. Thank goodness waking up showed me none of it was true.
  • Пн, 14:52: Decided to take the bus part-way to work today, but I think it may have actually slowed me down this time ><;
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Yoshii: When that girl goes to school, please let her use your family name.
Daikichi: Hah? My family name?
Yoshii: If her surname is different from that of her guardian, I'm sure she'll have a rough time... Would you just promise me that?
Daikichi: I know where you're coming from, but... But I can't promise that... She's always been Kaga Rin up to now... I don't think a person's name is such a simple thing to change...
Yoshii: I'm a woman, so I don't have any great affection or attachment to my family name. One day, it might change anyways... Rin's a woman, too, so she probably feels the same way.
Daikichi: Yeah, but Rin's still six... And that's not what I'm talking about. Besides which, it's just your own personal opinion!
Yoshii: There's only one thing that's important! And that's her name, "Rin", which Souichi-san gave her.

Dear Japan,
Please grow up. At least Daikichi seems to understand that people, even women, can have attachment to their names, regardless of societal mandates upon marriage.
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  • Чт, 21:47: I think I've discovered a new affinity for dates (the food). And the pits are freakily smooth!
  • Чт, 22:46: Probably not a good thing that my brain can't handle my studying playlist (albums w/ vocals) when all I'm doing is copying from my text...
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  • Вт, 09:52: Ever since programming "vid" into my phone's T9 dictionary, I always have to deliberately select "the". #firstworldproblems.
  • Вт, 10:27: I'm trying to train a Pandora Christmas station (I know you don't like Christmas music), but the problem is it's giving me a lot of...
  • Вт, 10:27: ..."traditional" Christmas music, which I get more than enough of at work, but I don't dislike it enough to thumb those tracks down. #cwp
  • Вт, 11:47: Finally gave in and am selling my Yen+ volumes - no luck yet letting go of my Animerica or Otaku U.S.A. volumes.
  • Вт, 14:34: RT @ANN_Bamboo: These Ghost in the Shell sneakers would be fucking awesome if they didn't look so outrageously stupid: http://t.co/Urf0EzlG
  • Вт, 14:36: Sucks that I can't watch S2 of Game of Thrones with Mike. :(
  • Вт, 15:07: One of my favorite holiday songs - "Hanukkah Blessings" by Barenaked Ladies: http://t.co/WC8vMzik
  • Вт, 20:47: Nastassja is a happy, contented, relaxed Nastassja. Yay for good conversations. :)
  • Вт, 20:50: Also, Richard and I have been having a discussion over what our anniversary would be. First date? Third date? Made-up day for easy memory?
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[22:56] 月影: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aU_TQcyGkvY
[22:57] 月影: <3 that song
[22:58] Richard Fears: Eh. It's nice, but the French language still sucks. Too much nasal, not enough guttural.
[22:59] 月影: *rolls my eyes at you*
[22:59] Richard Fears: Mmm... I like how different the sounds are from traditional American rock.
[22:59] 月影: Japanese > German > French > Russian :-P
[22:59] Richard Fears: Blasphemy!
[22:59] 月影: Truth!
[22:59] 月影: Umm...
[22:59] Richard Fears: Japanese > German = Russian > French
[22:59] 月影: Russian > Spanish?
[22:59] 月影: ...at least you have Japanese right?
[23:00] Richard Fears: Russian > Spanish > French
[23:00] 月影: srsly?
[23:00] Richard Fears: I took three years of Spanish. Don't diss the language.
[23:00] 月影: It'
[23:00] 月影: It's so... cliche
[23:01] Richard Fears: Spanish? Only because it's offered so widely.
[23:01] Richard Fears: And why are Spanish and French offered widely? Because we have Canada to the north and Mexico to the south.
[23:02] 月影: I don't know if Canada has much to do with the French...
[23:03] Richard Fears: Rather: Eastern Asian > Germanic = Slavic > Romance
[23:03] 月影: I think it's more that it's considered tradtionally academic and isn't dead
[23:03] Richard Fears: One province does, and that dictates that the whole country is bilingual.
[23:03] 月影: But Canada =/= U.S.
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[10:05] 月影: Heh, finally finished reading that QC strip I linked you to (linked it mid-reading), and I have to say, looking up at the stars during camping trips used to catalyze panic attacks in me too ^^;
[10:05] 月影: Me = Hanners
[10:05] Richard Fears: :P <3 Hanners
[10:05] Richard Fears: And now I'm dating her! Joy!
[10:05] 月影: LOL
[10:06] 月影: Yay! (Hopefully the bags under my eyes aren't quite as bad.)

Have a headache again. Yay.

Also need to clean my room with Alana. Going out to get barbecue for dad's birthday tonight. Trillian's chat history synching is beeing poopy again. :( Methinks I'm gonna work on my Pandora Christmas station a bit. Yay for a bunch of random, unrelated sentences in a row? Oreos are good.
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[11:32] Richard Fears: Keep in mind that .kArix. (the word that translates as "teacher") actually refers to a sort of nurse/teacher/maid hybrid.
[11:33] Richard Fears: This language was designed as the "natural" language of a fictional species I created.
[11:34] 月影: So more like... caretaker?
[11:34] 月影: Or caretaker who isn't parent?
[11:34] 月影: * a parent
[11:37] Richard Fears: I know there was an analogous version in Victorian England, but I can't remember the name for them.

Any idea what this mystery word is?

ETA: Turns out he was looking for was "governess".
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  • Вс, 09:17: Why have my feet decided that they hate me? Is there really that much different between floor and register shifts? (Worked floor yesterday.)
  • Вс, 09:46: 落ち着け。落ち着け。毎日落ち着きなさい。深呼吸をして、そんなに気にしないで。
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  • Пт, 18:30: I've decided that congrads are those who procured forged college degrees for themselves.
  • Пт, 23:52: RT @hipstermermaid: I wish the "I'm not a morning person" excuse could apply to whole days.
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[10:44] Richard Fears: It doesn't help that my office is stuffy and the A/C doesn't work.
[10:46] 月影: Bring in a fan?
[10:46] 月影: And leave the door open?
[10:46] Richard Fears: The door is open, and I do have a fan. Still not the best.
[10:47] Richard Fears: (And the fan tends to blow papers around, so I can't have it on all the time.)
[10:47] 月影: poo :(
[10:48] Richard Fears: Yeah. FMOTAL
[10:48] Richard Fears: (Fuck My Otherwise Totally Awesome Life)
[10:48] 月影: LOL
[10:49] 月影: #glasshalfempty?
[10:49] Richard Fears: #firstworldproblems definitely
[10:50] 月影: *pets your poor, miserable self*
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[Note that EVERYTHING in this post (after this) isn't written by me.]

Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] boosette at WARNING: Purina pet food has started making pets ill
Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] issendai at WARNING: Purina pet food has started making pets ill

My coworker John told me that his cat was seriously ill--throwing up, lethargic, refusing food, dropping weight. The previously healthy 6-year-old, 15-pound cat had lost a third of her body weight over the last few months. The vet couldn't find anything wrong with her. Blood tests were clean, and she didn't have any known illnesses. Yet she was a few days from organ failure.

That was a week ago. She's fine now. The solution was... to stop feeding her Purina cat food.

When John told me that, and said that friends of his had the same problem with their cats and Purina cat food, I looked into it. Holy shit. Take a look at the consumer complaints about Purina cat and dog food. This exact same problem has been an issue with Purina pet foods since 2007, but since this summer, the rate of complaints has picked up drastically. People who previously had to problems with Purina are reporting issues. Comment after comment sounds the same:

I've been feeding my three cats Fancy Feast canned food Chopped Grill Feast for many years. They have always devoured their meal and licked the plates clean. Last week, I noticed they did not want to eat much and went from plate to plate, ate a little. Next day, none of them would eat it. I kept trying new cans. What they did eat made them vomit and one cat was lethargic for days. I refuse to buy any more of this food. It's very scary. I don't know what is wrong with the food, but I fear it has toxins in it. I switched to another brand and the cats are fine now. Did anyone else experience this?


My dogs have been eating Purina Dog Chow (green bag) for about four years. They used to eat only Iams, but due to financial issues, we had to go with a cheaper brand. The last bag I purchased was about a week and a half ago. My 14 years old Labrador has vomited about 5-6 times and my German Shepherd has vomited about 4 times. Something is wrong with this food! The food has a kind of metallic smell to it. It just does not smell right. I'm taking it back to the pet store. I am changing my dogs' food, it's just not worth taking the chance to save a few dollars.


We purchased a large bag of Purina One Salmon dry cat food to give to a needy pet owner. She emailed us a couple of days later ,to say that there were maggots, lots of them with what looked to be like strands or webs with more dead gnats or flies, pieces of web in the food and "shells" of gnats or flies in the bag. Cats would not eat much of the food and, fortunately, they did not get sick. The store had noticed this problem in other bags and was willing to swap out.


I purchased a 34 lb bag of Purina One Smartblend dog food every three to four weeks for my two Labradors. The last bag I purchased seemed fine until I noticed a new infestation of little black bugs. Upon further inspection through the contents of the bag, I noticed clusters of white "eggs" adhered to quite a bit of the food. Some of these clusters contained larvae in the process of hatching. I immediately threw out the remaining contents of the bag but did save samples for my vet.

We went out of town last weekend and had friends dog sit for us. We originally attributed their lethargy and random vomiting to separation anxiety. Although they are doing better, I am still concerned and will be watching them closely. As stated, I saved samples of the infested dog food for our vet in the event that anything results from this issue.


I recently switched to the Friskies Poultry Variety pack (32 cans) that says it must be used by August 2013 (12281789 09:31 lo61237) sku (050000454242). I have 5 cats and feeding them this food, I noticed some of them throwing up. There's nothing in it but liquids, no hair ball, no food, nothing. My cats range from 8 weeks to 13 years old.

I switched my own cats to Purina a couple of months ago, and their coats look so much better than they did on the old brand of cat food... but Buffy has started vomiting stomach liquids. Purina and Fancy Feast are off the menu. Permanently.

I have no idea why this isn't news. But if you're feeding your pets any Purina brand, please don't wait for media confirmation that something is going on. Stop feeding your pets Purina immediately.

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[01:24] Richard Fears: Sent. Sleepy time. Now just to decide where I want to sleep...
[01:24] 月影: On the kitchen table?
[01:24] Richard Fears: ...
[01:25] Richard Fears: Ignoring you.
[01:25] 月影: ^_^
[01:25] 月影: Good night
[01:25] Richard Fears: Good night.
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あなたを思いだす この歌を聴くたび
帰りの車の中 いつも流れてた
悲しい恋なんてないと あなたはぽつりと言った

Song for me forever 好きだった泣きたいほど とても
I miss you always 正直にただ選んだだけ

誕生日を祝ったね 小さなレストランで
今では名前も変わった 通り過ぎてゆくだけ
あなたらしく生きていて さよならを超えて

Song for me forever 迷ったり くじけそうな時には
I miss you always あなたの言葉 つぶやいている
目を閉じて 切ない輝きが聞こえる

Song for me forever 好きだった泣きたいほど とても
I miss you always 正直にただ選んだだけ


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