Oct. 5th, 2011

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Typed this up for myself for easier reference when I perform citric acid cleaning (which is unfortunately less often than every 3 months). Though there may be at least one or two of you out there who would find this useful... I also have it in a more formatted .doc form if anyone would like me to e-mail that to them.

Without any further ado:


How to Clean the Inner Container with Citric Acid (CD-WBC30 / CD-WBC40)
Perform every 1-3 month(s) of usage

Do not drink the water used for citric acid cleaning.
Note: In order to prevent gas bubbles and bubbling-over, the citric acid Activated Descaling Cleaner (ADC-05) or Inner Container Cleaner for Electric Pots (CD-K03E-JU) is recommended for cleaning. To purchase this cleaner, please visit an authorized Zojirushi dealer or www.zojirushi.com.

Preparation: Check that the Filter is attached to the Inner Container.
Note: If the Filter is dirty, remove it from the Inner Container, was with a soft brush and reinstall.

1. Put 1 pack of citric acid ADC-05 or CD-K03E-JU and add warm water to dissolve. Pour it into the Inner Container and fill with water to the Maximum Water Level Line.
Note: Do not fill over the Maximum Water Level Line. (Hot water may spill out, resulting in scalds.)

2. Close the Upper Lid, insert the Power Plug and press the REBOIL button for more than 3 seconds.
Beeps when the cleaning process begins. Both (the REBOIL and TEMP SET) lights will blink. The square shown in the display rotates.
Beeps when the cleaning process is completed. Both (the REBOIL and TEMP SET) lights will stop blinking and stay on. LCD display will show a (non-rotating) square.

Cleaning time: Approx. 1.5 hours. *Cleaning times may vary depending on the amount of water, water temperature, and room temperature.

3. Unplug the Power Plug, detach the Upper lid, and dispose water where indicated "EMPTY FROM HERE."
Note: Repeated citric acid cleaning might be necessary for hard-to-remove residues.

4. To remove the smell of citric acid, fill the Inner Container with water. Boil and dispense about a cup of hot water, allow to cool, then dispose the remaining water.

If Alkalized Ionic Water is used, calcium will tend to build up on the surface of the Inner Container. If scale accumulates on the Inner Container or the Filter, boiling may become louder than usual and water may not dispense smoothly.

To cancel the citric acid cleaning at any time, unplug the Power Plug for more than 5 seconds.

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