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I would like to have all my viable organs donated, and then be cremated and have my ashes released at Minnehaha Falls, where much of my family (including pets) have already had their ashes released. Although I have to admit, I really love German cemeteries, so if I die there I might be tempted to ask to be buried at one. Then again, I don't believe I'll know the difference anyway (ugh, yay for a prompt starting to make me feel squicky), so I might as well just go on walks through them if I want.

Lol, userpic is relevant.

ETA: Upon reading other people's answers I realized that, oh hey, there's helping people become doctor's, too! So yeah, if there's enough of me to practice on after having any organs donated, they can use me as a medical cadaver, too.
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The princess diaries. Love 'em.
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Hell, if I had just one wish, it would definitely be for a do-over card, so I hate to say it, but no-way would I give it away. I'm pretty sure I'd want to be born from the same parents, and as for memories, it'd be useless if I didn't keep them. I'd need a warning to myself - a reminder of what will happen if I don't do things right. It might be a bit painful to remember friends I might not meet, but I still think it'd be worth it. The biggest question is whether I'd be able to instill good habits into myself, otherwise it'll be the same neverending pattern of "I'll do things right starting next semester', but I don't know how much keeping the memories will... what's the word... urgh, I can't remember... in any case, get in the way of that.


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