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[Earlier writings]
"Nice place. No shop downstairs. Oughta have a a shop. Not a big one, just a shop, so people can... shop."
"No, nothing odd. Surgery, post-op, nano-dentistry, no sign of a shop - they should have a shop."
- The Doctor, "New Earth"

If I'm gonna stick with the 8 to 4 bedtime, I'm gonna have to move my bed out from under the skylight. ^^;
This morning I noticed a weird scratch on my shoulder that I have no idea how I got. It was all puffy, too, like it was a deeper scratch or something. I mean, I've had mystery cuts and bruises, but nothing quite like this...

[Current writings]
Well, that nap was longer than I hoped it would be... ^^; Laid down a 8:45, and basically slept until 2. Probably had something to do with the fact that at a certain point whatever sleeping I do during the day becomes too light (no pun intended) because of the sun making me too hot. I really hope this doesn't mess up my sleep schedule too much... In any case, I think I'm gonna try to move my bed today or tomorrow, but then again I'm feeling lazy and don't really have the energy to do it right now, and I'm not sure I'll have that energy later either.
Also... I just checked my U of MN e-mail. I need to pay $1,207.50 by August 2nd to prevent my fall registration from being canceled, and there's no way I'll have that money in three weeks. Shit... If I can't go back to school yet, I at least want to take Japanese. I really don't want to wait a whole year to continue my Japanese studies. ><; Damn it damn it damn it...
Well, I'll try calling One Stop and see what I can do, I guess.
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Well, I was e-mailed this morning with the permission number which expires on the 13th for JPN 3437, 20th Century Japanese Literature in Translation, although I was really hoping to take Traditional Japanese Literature in Translation...
But then I realized that the only real extraneous class I'm signed up for is Karate, and that's only one credit so it doesn't make enough room. The others are 4 cr, CSCI 1901, which I need eventually, 3 cr. EAS 3471, which supplies me with my historical perspectives core, 1 cr. EAS 3970, which is a supplemental discussion to 3471, 4 cr. MATH 1272, which I'll need for the CSCI major and will be a prereq. for classes I'd probably take as a minor, and 4 cr. JPN 3031.

Damn it, I just saw that there was a spot open in the 3 cr. JPN 4005, which is equivalent to 3031, so I tried to swap them (which would free up the three credits I need for the modern Japanese lit. if I dropped karate and the EAS supplement) and it said the combined section was full. So then I thought maybe the system was confused and thought it was full if I was in it, so I tried dropping 3031 and then signing up for 4005, and again it gave me the message that the combined section was full. Plus, the permission number for 3437 didn't work. So now I'm out of a Japanese section and the Japanese lit. class!

On the plus side, the WebCT page for BIOL is open, so I'm printing out the syllabus and the first week's class notes and online reading assignments that don't print horribly.


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