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  • Вс, 23:57: Kim Jong Il died. O.o
  • Пн, 10:32: Had a super-stressful dream this morning. Thank goodness waking up showed me none of it was true.
  • Пн, 14:52: Decided to take the bus part-way to work today, but I think it may have actually slowed me down this time ><;
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  • Чт, 21:47: I think I've discovered a new affinity for dates (the food). And the pits are freakily smooth!
  • Чт, 22:46: Probably not a good thing that my brain can't handle my studying playlist (albums w/ vocals) when all I'm doing is copying from my text...
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  • Вт, 09:52: Ever since programming "vid" into my phone's T9 dictionary, I always have to deliberately select "the". #firstworldproblems.
  • Вт, 10:27: I'm trying to train a Pandora Christmas station (I know you don't like Christmas music), but the problem is it's giving me a lot of...
  • Вт, 10:27: ..."traditional" Christmas music, which I get more than enough of at work, but I don't dislike it enough to thumb those tracks down. #cwp
  • Вт, 11:47: Finally gave in and am selling my Yen+ volumes - no luck yet letting go of my Animerica or Otaku U.S.A. volumes.
  • Вт, 14:34: RT @ANN_Bamboo: These Ghost in the Shell sneakers would be fucking awesome if they didn't look so outrageously stupid: http://t.co/Urf0EzlG
  • Вт, 14:36: Sucks that I can't watch S2 of Game of Thrones with Mike. :(
  • Вт, 15:07: One of my favorite holiday songs - "Hanukkah Blessings" by Barenaked Ladies: http://t.co/WC8vMzik
  • Вт, 20:47: Nastassja is a happy, contented, relaxed Nastassja. Yay for good conversations. :)
  • Вт, 20:50: Also, Richard and I have been having a discussion over what our anniversary would be. First date? Third date? Made-up day for easy memory?
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  • Вс, 09:17: Why have my feet decided that they hate me? Is there really that much different between floor and register shifts? (Worked floor yesterday.)
  • Вс, 09:46: 落ち着け。落ち着け。毎日落ち着きなさい。深呼吸をして、そんなに気にしないで。
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  • Пт, 18:30: I've decided that congrads are those who procured forged college degrees for themselves.
  • Пт, 23:52: RT @hipstermermaid: I wish the "I'm not a morning person" excuse could apply to whole days.
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Nov. 27th, 2011 12:17 pm
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Nov. 25th, 2011 12:18 pm
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  • Thu, 20:52: Someone make my sister stop threatening to cut off my hair. ^^;
  • Thu, 23:26: Do a Google image search for "Mr. Bean" - there's some freaky shit out there.
  • Thu, 23:30: I just realized that you could make a #BlackFriday joke about Rebecca Black's "Friday". But I'm not sure what it'd be.
  • Fri, 00:08: Eep, my sister was threatening to cut my hair (6" or so), not cut OFF my hair. Bit of a difference there.
  • Fri, 10:51: And THIS is why still figures are better than posable ones: http://t.co/dT8PA1JV
  • Fri, 11:58: Just found out that Yotsuba&! vol. 11 comes out tomorrow. I'm SO ordering that and the 2012 calendar when I get my next paycheck.

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Nov. 24th, 2011 12:02 pm
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  • Thu, 01:48: Kitty says " Don't touch MY computer " http://t.co/1iuUyelT
  • Thu, 02:06: RT @ANNZac: Alright, pies are baked, turkey is thawing, what am I forgetting.. ah fuck I forgot to soak those blankets in smallpox virus
  • Thu, 02:06: RT @GreatDismal: Does a vampire have a heartbeat? If not, blood pressure? How? Can a male vampire get an erection? Has Anne Rice address ...
  • Thu, 10:05: I can think of worse music to wake up to than Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros' "Tony Adams". ^_^

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Nov. 23rd, 2011 12:17 pm
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  • Tue, 14:27: A number of my more recent RZMC transactions aren't showing up properly in Mint. Really don't want to modify them myself. :-/
  • Tue, 14:33: RT @Mike_Doughty_: Recurring trait of pushy remember-Soul-Coughing dudes: chin beards. I now see chin beards and experience vertigo.
  • Wed, 08:40: Dear phone, You keep telling me I have a voice mail when I don't. Either deliver said voice mail or stop lying. Love, me
  • Wed, 11:26: Man, my iPod is really mecha-ing it up this morning. Gundam OO, KareKano, Gundam Wing, more Gundam OO, then Code Geass?
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  • Пн, 13:32: I hate that there's lots of rap music that I love, but then when I try to explore it more I get these albums where I love a third of...
  • Пн, 13:32: ...it and am offended by a third of it.
  • Пн, 13:37: And then there are the musically (and sometimes lyrically) awesome songs that simultaneously offend me to some degree. Hate that.
  • Пн, 14:03: Was gonna get 2 snow tires installed today, but since he's worried about clearance below the top of my bike basket I'm going w/ 1 for now.
  • Пн, 14:55: Snow tires are officially awesome. Half-melted snow flying in my face is officially not. Can it be *real* winter yet?
  • Пн, 20:34: @lugia222 I plan to do so when I get off work.
  • Вт, 11:01: Not as powerful as U2's version, but this is an interesting cover of "Sunday Bloody Sunday": http://t.co/5OhuBLWH
  • Вт, 11:07: Great video focusing on the events of Bloody Sunday itself: http://t.co/vjs7Oh2M
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  • Сб, 23:59: Played Castle Panic today. Won when the last monster killed itself taking down the second-to-last-tower. SUCH a close call. ><;
  • Вс, 00:04: "[These artifacts have] been moved." "Daniel? Go to your happy place."
  • Вс, 01:22: The first minute of this nearly makes me want to puke... http://t.co/iRbzEegA
  • Вс, 02:22: Dear BEGIN Japanology dude: You're on a show produced by the NHK all about Jap. culture. Please learn the basics of Japanese pronunciation.
  • Вс, 02:38: River Song <3 http://t.co/bZN6R0xa Really gotta go to bed now...
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Nov. 17th, 2011 12:18 pm
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  • Wed, 12:31: Ne-Yo in Pitbull's "Give Me Everything" video is chotto taipu... Weirder, Pitbull's a little bit sexy w/o glasses. WTF is wrong with me?
  • Wed, 13:12: Anyone who would see me sorting my (95% white) socks would think I'm crazy for nitpicking about matching as much as I do.
  • Wed, 13:13: There's a reason I eventually bought, like, three bags of matching socks with just enough difference to tell them apart from all the others.
  • Wed, 13:39: Just spent some time coming up with the formula for the white space percentage of any circle inscribed in an equilateral polygon:
  • Wed, 13:39: (n*tan(pi/n)-pi)/(n*tan(pi/n)) - this is so not me doing homework. ^^;
  • Wed, 14:26: RT @johnmoe: The guy that shot at the White House is from Idaho and is a graduate of the Perpetuate Everyone's Stereotype of Idaho program.
  • Wed, 18:31: Ibuprofen GET! Seriously, that was more of an ordeal than it should've been.
  • Wed, 23:50: My bike needs to die in a fire. But only after someone buys me a new bike. Thank god for my sister being able to pick me up.
  • Wed, 23:54: Also, I find it amusing that when I got home I went straight to my bed, collapsed upon it, and started blasting Cowboy Bebop's "No reply".
  • Thu, 11:40: Fuckin' love this song - Mike Doughty's "Down on the River by the Sugar Plant": http://t.co/Uet9lAJM
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Nov. 16th, 2011 12:17 pm
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  • Tue, 12:32: Yay for realizing at 12:20 that I work at 1 today, not my usually 3 or 2. Glad I checked when I did. ><;
  • Tue, 14:21: Doing candy totes for the first time since leaving 1506
  • Tue, 14:21: Doing candy totes for the first time since leaving 1506 - natsukashii. :)
  • Tue, 15:37: Got it for $1.06 - so cute! http://t.co/vupRtHMK
  • Tue, 19:12: OMFG I wanna go hooooome. Thank goodness I only have less than 90 minutes left ater the 30 I just started. Nap taim nao.
  • Wed, 00:12: My friend and I can't think of an appropriate "problems" hashtag for his situation. #nerdworldproblems
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  • Пн, 12:59: Hee, R's agreed to tutor me in calculator III sometime! I mean, it'll have to be when school's not in session, bu still, yay!
  • Пн, 13:03: * calc III #StupidAutoCorrect
  • Вт, 03:16: やっと彼と話し合えた。今寝られると思う。(#^.^#) (( _ _ ))..zzzZZ 金曜日が早く来ますように。
  • Вт, 11:13: What the fuck? Why is there no Lyle Lovett on Pandora?!
  • Вт, 11:59: Created an "Awesome Music" Pandora station w/ stuff from different genres, and after TDing two rap tracks it's giving me ♀ acoustics.
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  • Вс, 23:50: I haven't decided if it's more of a blessing or a curse that I'm unable to be anyone but myself.
  • Пн, 06:35: Why is Nellie licking my textbook? Eew.
  • Пн, 11:45: To my 日本に住んだことがある友達: is "GET!" used in broader Japanese culture, or was it really just from Mega Man?

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Nov. 13th, 2011 12:17 pm
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