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[Earlier writings]
"Nice place. No shop downstairs. Oughta have a a shop. Not a big one, just a shop, so people can... shop."
"No, nothing odd. Surgery, post-op, nano-dentistry, no sign of a shop - they should have a shop."
- The Doctor, "New Earth"

If I'm gonna stick with the 8 to 4 bedtime, I'm gonna have to move my bed out from under the skylight. ^^;
This morning I noticed a weird scratch on my shoulder that I have no idea how I got. It was all puffy, too, like it was a deeper scratch or something. I mean, I've had mystery cuts and bruises, but nothing quite like this...

[Current writings]
Well, that nap was longer than I hoped it would be... ^^; Laid down a 8:45, and basically slept until 2. Probably had something to do with the fact that at a certain point whatever sleeping I do during the day becomes too light (no pun intended) because of the sun making me too hot. I really hope this doesn't mess up my sleep schedule too much... In any case, I think I'm gonna try to move my bed today or tomorrow, but then again I'm feeling lazy and don't really have the energy to do it right now, and I'm not sure I'll have that energy later either.
Also... I just checked my U of MN e-mail. I need to pay $1,207.50 by August 2nd to prevent my fall registration from being canceled, and there's no way I'll have that money in three weeks. Shit... If I can't go back to school yet, I at least want to take Japanese. I really don't want to wait a whole year to continue my Japanese studies. ><; Damn it damn it damn it...
Well, I'll try calling One Stop and see what I can do, I guess.
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仕事やバイトをまだ見つけられなかったし、この夏学期の授業を全部やめちゃったんだ。 秋学期から授業を取りたいんだけど、今はアルバイトを探したり、お金をためたり、日本語を勉強したりする。

to do in the next week:
- help San-chan move
- clean my room
- call IKEA to let them know my availability has changed
- go to M.A.S.
- job hunt like woah

things to do this summer:
- study for JLPT 3-kyuu
- study Genki I and II to prepare me for the LPE as well as third year
- study Korean (?)
- find a job, preferably two or three (80 hours a week would be nice) ^^;
- watch lots of anime :)
- attend M.A.S. :)
- read lots of books :)
- go to the State Fair :)
- keep my room clean
- keep the house clean (?)
- keep up with LJ
That oughta keep me busy.

things I need to save up money for:
- a work desk or flat-screen monitor (medium priority)
- a bike (again ><;)
- paying of my credit card bill (high priority)
- JLPT 3-kyuu (medium priority)
- getting a new sound card and/or speakers
- fall tuition (high priority)

And now I go to bed.
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この仕事を探すのは大変。 じつは、一生懸命探さないけど、本当に頑張っています。 授業料を払えなかったら、どうしよう。

シスコはピカードのことをきらいかもしれません。 どうしてあたしはDS9をもっと見なかったの? それに、犬ちゃんのお父さんのDVDをもう貸してもらえないのね。

[EDIT: あっ、きらいね。 In English, though, is Picard superior to Sisko? He acts like it by not outright speaking his mind.

[EDIT: Ah, Sisko's got three circle-y things (yup, I'm a real Trekkie alright - "circle-y things"), I guess Picard is superior.]]


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