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to do (mostly) tomorrow:
- vacuum
- buy new sheets at Target
- make bed
- go through kitchen supplies
- basic wall cleaning (there's not much I can do, but I can at least dust away the cobwebs)
- clean under bed
- take Alana's belonging downstairs
- put up posters
- bag clothes I don't want
- go through closet (yuck :-/)
- buy new dowel for closet (measure size first)
- laundry
- change Sashimi's water
- find cord for HP and delete files
- clean old TV stand
- make price list for lawn sale items
- clean stationary bike? :-/
- find place for stationary bike
- figure out a time to have family go through things that aren't mine that I want to sell
- go through papers
- ask Dad (again) for my website's ftp info ><; (I think I saved it to the computer then lost it in the reboot)
- shine my sink!
- clean duster
- organize bookshelves
- re-arrange furniture? (for one thing, I'm thinking of moving my computer desk to the other end of the room - which is quite far away)
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things to do tomorrow:
- get up
- feed fish (A.M. and P.M.)
- teeth stuff (A.M. and P.M.)
- take shower
- clean for at least an hour
- put away my clothes
- call Riverview, Izzy's, Diana - pick up organizer if anyone found it
- change sheets
- go to Target for sheets (?), deodorant, dog treats, etc.
- study Japanese
- work on cross-stitch
- read and comment on at least 100 LJ entries
- study Korean? (the main thing in my way is trying to learn the writing system without knowing how to pronounce it, and the book I have to help me pronounce it assume knowledge of Hangul (the writing system))

Also, I'm sure this is a big surprise to you all, but I'm way too sensitive...

G'night, y'all.


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