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Remember that physics quiz I was talking about?
My estimated score was:

Group problem, 20/25
Multiple choice: 15/25
Problem 1: 8/25
Problem 2: 25/25
Total: 68/100 (right at the B- cutoff)

My actual score?:
Group poblem:, 6
Multiple choice, 15
Problem 1, 16
Problem 2, 25
Total, 62/100 (C, one more point would have been a C+)

Damn that group problem... Actually, now that I think of it, I almost wonder if my problem 1 and group problem scores got reversed... I get 16 points for writing down one equation, and 6 for arriving at an answer with work shown?

Anyways, if f I can effectively drag myself out of the house, I'm going to be spending the day studying at Wilson with Katie (in an area where we're not allowed to talk), so hopefully that'll help. GANBARU ZO! OU!
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You know what I hate about physics labs?
The warm up questions.
I don't mind the busy work - hell, I actually enjoy busy work - but when the answer to every question is the same as it was the last five times they ask that question... That gets tedious.

[EDIT: Yay, I'm done! I was going to copy it over nicely onto another sheet of paper to turn in tomorrow, but I realized that I'd be just as well to photocopy it, since it's only graded for completeness and we're not getting it back or anything. Now to finish my 読み物質問 and go to bed.]
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So... Physics quiz today. There were two open-ended problems with two sections each, and the entirety of each problem was worth 25 points. I fully answered three of the sections, and wrote one equation which I believe was correctly set up and was probably headed in the right direction for the fourth one. There were also 10 multiple choice questions for 2.5 points each, and I answered 5 of the multiple choice questions, and guessed a for the last 5 (since I ran out of time).
Assuming I got full points on every section I provided a final answer for, that I got 1/3 of the points on the one I just wrote one equation for, and that I got 1/5 of the 5 5-option multiple choice questions right... I got a 56.7/75 on the individual portion of the quiz, or about 75%. I guess that'd be a B, but still... Anyways, if I further assume that we got a 20/25 on our group quiz (a number that is mostly pulled out of my ass), that would be a total of... well, it'd still be about 75%.
And again, this is all assuming I got full points on all of the problems I carried through to the end, which is a relatively big assumption, and I could very well end up with a C or C+.
The moral of the story: Nastassja needs to study harder.

P.S. Wanna know something really embarassing? I choked on a dimensional analysis problem, and in the end I actually answered it after the time was up.
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Riemermann, Nastassja A.K.
Tuesday, January 23, 2007
EngC 1012, section A64
Prof. Karen Steigman
definition paper thesis and audience

term: Quaker
audience: first-year students in Marantha Christian Fellowship at the University of Minnesota

Although Quaker religious practice is quite different from the religious practices of most protestant Christian sects, those practices which are unique to Quakerism, such as silent worship and the rejection of creeds and sacraments, reaffirm many of the beliefs that separate Quakerism and protestantism from Catholicism and other sects of Christianity.

Yeah, it's crap, I know. I didn't even mention anything about what those beliefs are. Basically, I'm planning on going off the idea that both Quakers and other protestant sects put the bible over doctrine, and people over clergy. Unfortunately, I submitted this two minutes late, so hopefully I won't lose any points.
Dad, what do you think? Is this total B.S.?
By the way, all this really makes me want to take Quakerism 101. I really don't know as much about Quakerism as I thought, or wish, I did.


So, now the question is... Should I study or should I sleep?

[EDIT: Okay, you guys totally need to check out today's XKCD. I'ts so true. Sad thing is, I've done it with my mom's old 1960s World Book Encyclopedia, too.]
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[Earlier writings]
"Nice place. No shop downstairs. Oughta have a a shop. Not a big one, just a shop, so people can... shop."
"No, nothing odd. Surgery, post-op, nano-dentistry, no sign of a shop - they should have a shop."
- The Doctor, "New Earth"

If I'm gonna stick with the 8 to 4 bedtime, I'm gonna have to move my bed out from under the skylight. ^^;
This morning I noticed a weird scratch on my shoulder that I have no idea how I got. It was all puffy, too, like it was a deeper scratch or something. I mean, I've had mystery cuts and bruises, but nothing quite like this...

[Current writings]
Well, that nap was longer than I hoped it would be... ^^; Laid down a 8:45, and basically slept until 2. Probably had something to do with the fact that at a certain point whatever sleeping I do during the day becomes too light (no pun intended) because of the sun making me too hot. I really hope this doesn't mess up my sleep schedule too much... In any case, I think I'm gonna try to move my bed today or tomorrow, but then again I'm feeling lazy and don't really have the energy to do it right now, and I'm not sure I'll have that energy later either.
Also... I just checked my U of MN e-mail. I need to pay $1,207.50 by August 2nd to prevent my fall registration from being canceled, and there's no way I'll have that money in three weeks. Shit... If I can't go back to school yet, I at least want to take Japanese. I really don't want to wait a whole year to continue my Japanese studies. ><; Damn it damn it damn it...
Well, I'll try calling One Stop and see what I can do, I guess.
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仕事やバイトをまだ見つけられなかったし、この夏学期の授業を全部やめちゃったんだ。 秋学期から授業を取りたいんだけど、今はアルバイトを探したり、お金をためたり、日本語を勉強したりする。

to do in the next week:
- help San-chan move
- clean my room
- call IKEA to let them know my availability has changed
- go to M.A.S.
- job hunt like woah

things to do this summer:
- study for JLPT 3-kyuu
- study Genki I and II to prepare me for the LPE as well as third year
- study Korean (?)
- find a job, preferably two or three (80 hours a week would be nice) ^^;
- watch lots of anime :)
- attend M.A.S. :)
- read lots of books :)
- go to the State Fair :)
- keep my room clean
- keep the house clean (?)
- keep up with LJ
That oughta keep me busy.

things I need to save up money for:
- a work desk or flat-screen monitor (medium priority)
- a bike (again ><;)
- paying of my credit card bill (high priority)
- JLPT 3-kyuu (medium priority)
- getting a new sound card and/or speakers
- fall tuition (high priority)

And now I go to bed.
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Well, I was e-mailed this morning with the permission number which expires on the 13th for JPN 3437, 20th Century Japanese Literature in Translation, although I was really hoping to take Traditional Japanese Literature in Translation...
But then I realized that the only real extraneous class I'm signed up for is Karate, and that's only one credit so it doesn't make enough room. The others are 4 cr, CSCI 1901, which I need eventually, 3 cr. EAS 3471, which supplies me with my historical perspectives core, 1 cr. EAS 3970, which is a supplemental discussion to 3471, 4 cr. MATH 1272, which I'll need for the CSCI major and will be a prereq. for classes I'd probably take as a minor, and 4 cr. JPN 3031.

Damn it, I just saw that there was a spot open in the 3 cr. JPN 4005, which is equivalent to 3031, so I tried to swap them (which would free up the three credits I need for the modern Japanese lit. if I dropped karate and the EAS supplement) and it said the combined section was full. So then I thought maybe the system was confused and thought it was full if I was in it, so I tried dropping 3031 and then signing up for 4005, and again it gave me the message that the combined section was full. Plus, the permission number for 3437 didn't work. So now I'm out of a Japanese section and the Japanese lit. class!

On the plus side, the WebCT page for BIOL is open, so I'm printing out the syllabus and the first week's class notes and online reading assignments that don't print horribly.
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"Because animation takes us away from our own reality, simultaneously allowing viewers to distance themselves from what they are watching and immerse themselves in the 'other world' that they are viewing, anime provides nearly limitless possibilities to explore both Japanese and world-wide contemporary society."

As I have a habit of saying, "could be better, could be a whole lot worse".
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"Indeed, what appears to be the single most -asked question about anime in America, "why is anime so full of sex and violence?," is an inquiry that, while betraying an ignorance of the complexity and variety of the art form, is still significant in that it reveals the bewilderment of Western audiences in confronting so-called adult themes within the animated medium."
- from (my signed copy of ^_^) Susan J. Napier's Anime: from Akira to Princess Mononoke

Anyways, I've basically decided to write about anime for the audience of the Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature Film Society, which is "interested in films that address both the political and cultural impact of contemporary society". Especially after getting some help from [livejournal.com profile] yumenohoshi and reviewing the first two chapters of Anime, I'm feeling good about this. :)

[EDIT: *jumps up and down excitedly* I have to do some more research, but this is gonna be the first time in a while where i'll have more to say than i can in the space i have. ^_^ ^_^ ^_^
Although... I just realized that I'm gonna have to tie myself down a bit with the requirement of focusing on multi-culturalism...

Based on what you know about the term and what your audience knows and wants, decide what the paper will be about.
For example, you could track:
* how use of the term has changed over time
* OR how different micro-cultures' use of the term varies
* OR how the term gets used in political rhetoric
* OR what elisions the term creates
* OR the legal uses of the term
* OR how the term is defined differently by insiders vs. outsiders
* OR your experience with the term (placed in a larger context of term usage)
* OR some other uses or abuses of the term (you must get my okay for this option)
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作文を書くことが大嫌い!I've been stuck for hours on trying to decide why it's important for members of Campus Crusade for Christ to learn more about the term 'Mormon'. I mean, all I can think of is "umm... because it's important to learn about other religions", but that doesn't provide incentive for Cru members to (hypothetically) read my paper. Especially since one of the main intents of this paper is to learn how to write for an audience, the answer to this question could affect what the thesis of my paper will be.
And to think that my introduction is due at midnight tomorrow. ><;

(I could always say that the reason for them to read the paper would be so they can know how to convert members of the LDS church away from Mormonism, but I don't think that'd fly with my teacher. But I do think I should bring up how many people, Christian or otherwise, believe Mormonism is a cult...)
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I hate word processing programs! Why can't I just make a friggin' graph the way I want it to be?!
I should just go to bed. I'm tired and crabby and I'm not honestly going to get anything more done tonight.

[EDIT: I went back and fiddled a bit more, so it's good now, more-or-less.]
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Grr... I can't find my class notes from yesterday... Good thing they didn't really matter, anyway. ^^;
Lab went well today. I believe our T.A., Yen-Hsiang Lin, is Chinese or Taiwanese. (Can anyone recognize that name?) His spoken English is quite good, and he doesn't have much of an accent, so I won't have any trouble understanding him. I must say, though, I have to smile a bit when he says "to ...-tion" ("begin to calibration"). ^_^
My current group members, Mai and Michael, are nice, too. Mai's a pre-pharmacy major, and Michael's mechanical engineering, if I remember correctly.
Popped up to [livejournal.com profile] yumenohoshi's after class to get my DVD folders, and it turns out my linguistics textbook was there. Thank goodness! I thought I'd have to buy it again, which woulda sucked, even if it was only $25. I'm kinda wondering how much I'll like the class, though. The textbook, at least, seems to be focused more towards TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) folks and what teaching methods are best than going into depth as to theories of how we learn languages. Obviously the two are intimately connected, and to ignore teaching theories would do injustice to studying learning theory, but... I dunno. I should wait until I actually read the book and take the class before I judge.
Anyways, I should get to work now.

P.S. Getting surprise tea leaves in your mouth is funny.


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