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So, I bought two collared shirts at Target today, took off all the tags and washed them, and realized that I can't button it as high as I would like. In fact, I'm a tiny bit worried about whether the manager will be uncomfortable with it. I guess it'll only have to last me thirty days, and maybe it'll be acceptable after all, but still...
I have my night's meal all ready, although it's a little odd... Spinach noodles in the main tray, and raisins and cheddar cheese in the second, and I'm bringing a can of Pepsi to drink (since I haven't found my tea thermos yet). None of it really goes together, and I can't really call it a meal, either. To be honest, the rice/curry tofu/green peppers were really nice, but I'm scared of getting the bag dirty again (it got stained with green oil), and besides I don't have any green peppers.
Eh, I'll think of something better tomorrow. Maybe look around at some online recipes and see what I can do (with the ingredients we currently have ^^;).
I'm a little nervous about tonight. Honestly, I'm not really sure what I'll be doing while we're closed. Most likely stocking, but it's still... I dunno. I feel weird.
Anyways, I'm gonna get ready to go. Catch y'all on the flip side.

P.S. Parents are coming home around 5. :) (Although, I will admit it - I grew to like having the house by myself quite a bit, and I'm gonna miss it.)
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Buh... So shweepy. (Getting four hours of sleep does that to you.)
Just got back from the training session thingie. (Am I gonna be paid for that?) Anyways, to start out with I'm working Monday and Tuesday nights 11-7. Hopefully I'll get more shifts soon, at least for the summer. I left my pursey-wallety thingie at Vinnie's, so when he gets here with it I'm gonna go out to Byerly's for that interview, I think... Or I might just nap for an hour or two first.
More later.
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I have to say, I think it's a good thing for me to be eating in the smaller portions that my bento box requires, but it's a tougher deal trying to figure out what to make that'll fit the dimensions. For today's dinner (which shall be eaten at MAS) I made rice (which I'm also currently eating for lunch) and on-the-fly fried curried tofu (I cut up some tofu, poured a little bit of olive oil in a frying pan, heated up the oil and dumped the tofu in, sprinkled some curry powder on top, and fried it for about four minutes...) and cut up some green pepper that was starting to go (throwing away any discolored bits, and some of which I also had for lunch). *shrugs* I'll figure this out eventually.
I have computer-based training at the S.A. I'll be working at at 8 am tomorrow which they said should last until around noon. The dress code is pretty loose: closed-heel, closed-toe comfortable shoes, blue jeans, khakis, or black/navy/grey slacks, and a collared, sleeved, tuckable single-solid-colored shirt (two of which will be provided after a month). No unnatural hair colors allowed. :( (I'm starting to think of getting a blue wig... Is that too stupid?) So, I need to go to Target to get me a collared shirt tomorrow.
I also called UDS today about signing up for Fall shifts for Jamba Juice, and they said I should wait until Monday, which is okay since returning workers get first dibs on shifts. If only I knew exactly what I was taking and when. ><; But I'm just gonna give it my best guess so I don't repeat this summer's mistake and end up without any shifts. SA alone isn't gonna cover my tuition.
Finally, I'm definitely going to interview with Byerly's tomorrow, but looking again at my fall registration, it seems like I wouldn't really be able to do an evening job, unless it's Friday through Sunday only. We'll see. Besides, I need a couple things from that type of store so I might as well kill two birds with one stone.
*wishes I knew where my tea thermos was*
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YAY YAY! Ive been offered a part-time (24-32 hrs./wk.) third-shift (11 pm - 7 am) job at the SA about 5 blocks from my house! The woman from the regional hiring center is going to call me later today to set up a training time! ^_^ The starting wage is $7.25, and I'll receive a $0.50 pay differential for working third shift, and there's an automatic $0.50 pay raise after 90 and either a half or full year (I can't remember which). So, yeah, it might not be my dream job to work at SA, but it's certainly closer than many other places I could have an overnight position at (which is important, considering the infrequency of buses at those hours), and in the end I'll probably enjoy it more than working as a stocker even if it's at a place like Target.
I'm also going in for an interview with catering at Byerly's tomorrow (I can show up any time between 8 am and 6 pm ^^;), which would be an evening position, though I have a feeling it would be on an as-needed basis. They said because of my job with the Univeristy Dining Sevices they have a job that would fit with those skills, which seems like a good sign. In any case, between SA and some hours between classes at Jamba or some other UDS location, I should be good. ^_^
Finally, it seems DS9 season 2 volume 1 (are series abbreviations italicized?) and Gilgamesh volume 1 are on their way from Netflix, and I'm really excited for both. (The trailers for Gilgamesh looked really good. ^_^)


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