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[22:56] 月影: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aU_TQcyGkvY
[22:57] 月影: <3 that song
[22:58] Richard Fears: Eh. It's nice, but the French language still sucks. Too much nasal, not enough guttural.
[22:59] 月影: *rolls my eyes at you*
[22:59] Richard Fears: Mmm... I like how different the sounds are from traditional American rock.
[22:59] 月影: Japanese > German > French > Russian :-P
[22:59] Richard Fears: Blasphemy!
[22:59] 月影: Truth!
[22:59] 月影: Umm...
[22:59] Richard Fears: Japanese > German = Russian > French
[22:59] 月影: Russian > Spanish?
[22:59] 月影: ...at least you have Japanese right?
[23:00] Richard Fears: Russian > Spanish > French
[23:00] 月影: srsly?
[23:00] Richard Fears: I took three years of Spanish. Don't diss the language.
[23:00] 月影: It'
[23:00] 月影: It's so... cliche
[23:01] Richard Fears: Spanish? Only because it's offered so widely.
[23:01] Richard Fears: And why are Spanish and French offered widely? Because we have Canada to the north and Mexico to the south.
[23:02] 月影: I don't know if Canada has much to do with the French...
[23:03] Richard Fears: Rather: Eastern Asian > Germanic = Slavic > Romance
[23:03] 月影: I think it's more that it's considered tradtionally academic and isn't dead
[23:03] Richard Fears: One province does, and that dictates that the whole country is bilingual.
[23:03] 月影: But Canada =/= U.S.
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[10:05] 月影: Heh, finally finished reading that QC strip I linked you to (linked it mid-reading), and I have to say, looking up at the stars during camping trips used to catalyze panic attacks in me too ^^;
[10:05] 月影: Me = Hanners
[10:05] Richard Fears: :P <3 Hanners
[10:05] Richard Fears: And now I'm dating her! Joy!
[10:05] 月影: LOL
[10:06] 月影: Yay! (Hopefully the bags under my eyes aren't quite as bad.)

Have a headache again. Yay.

Also need to clean my room with Alana. Going out to get barbecue for dad's birthday tonight. Trillian's chat history synching is beeing poopy again. :( Methinks I'm gonna work on my Pandora Christmas station a bit. Yay for a bunch of random, unrelated sentences in a row? Oreos are good.
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[10:44] Richard Fears: It doesn't help that my office is stuffy and the A/C doesn't work.
[10:46] 月影: Bring in a fan?
[10:46] 月影: And leave the door open?
[10:46] Richard Fears: The door is open, and I do have a fan. Still not the best.
[10:47] Richard Fears: (And the fan tends to blow papers around, so I can't have it on all the time.)
[10:47] 月影: poo :(
[10:48] Richard Fears: Yeah. FMOTAL
[10:48] Richard Fears: (Fuck My Otherwise Totally Awesome Life)
[10:48] 月影: LOL
[10:49] 月影: #glasshalfempty?
[10:49] Richard Fears: #firstworldproblems definitely
[10:50] 月影: *pets your poor, miserable self*
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[01:24] Richard Fears: Sent. Sleepy time. Now just to decide where I want to sleep...
[01:24] 月影: On the kitchen table?
[01:24] Richard Fears: ...
[01:25] Richard Fears: Ignoring you.
[01:25] 月影: ^_^
[01:25] 月影: Good night
[01:25] Richard Fears: Good night.
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[11:25] 月影: Ugh, I take a shower every other day, and I can't remember if I took a shower yesterday...
[11:26] R: :P
[11:26] R: So just take one today?
[11:26] 月影: But... It takes so much time...
[11:26] R: Clearly, that means you need to cut your hair short. :P
[11:26] 月影: I mean, I know in the end it's not that much, but when I have to go to work in 3 hours and I have to spend a tenth of it on shower-related activities :(
[11:27] 月影: Nuuuuuu
[11:27] 月影: *goes to take a shower*
[11:27] R: Have fun!


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