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Remember that physics quiz I was talking about?
My estimated score was:

Group problem, 20/25
Multiple choice: 15/25
Problem 1: 8/25
Problem 2: 25/25
Total: 68/100 (right at the B- cutoff)

My actual score?:
Group poblem:, 6
Multiple choice, 15
Problem 1, 16
Problem 2, 25
Total, 62/100 (C, one more point would have been a C+)

Damn that group problem... Actually, now that I think of it, I almost wonder if my problem 1 and group problem scores got reversed... I get 16 points for writing down one equation, and 6 for arriving at an answer with work shown?

Anyways, if f I can effectively drag myself out of the house, I'm going to be spending the day studying at Wilson with Katie (in an area where we're not allowed to talk), so hopefully that'll help. GANBARU ZO! OU!
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You know what I hate about physics labs?
The warm up questions.
I don't mind the busy work - hell, I actually enjoy busy work - but when the answer to every question is the same as it was the last five times they ask that question... That gets tedious.

[EDIT: Yay, I'm done! I was going to copy it over nicely onto another sheet of paper to turn in tomorrow, but I realized that I'd be just as well to photocopy it, since it's only graded for completeness and we're not getting it back or anything. Now to finish my 読み物質問 and go to bed.]
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So... Physics quiz today. There were two open-ended problems with two sections each, and the entirety of each problem was worth 25 points. I fully answered three of the sections, and wrote one equation which I believe was correctly set up and was probably headed in the right direction for the fourth one. There were also 10 multiple choice questions for 2.5 points each, and I answered 5 of the multiple choice questions, and guessed a for the last 5 (since I ran out of time).
Assuming I got full points on every section I provided a final answer for, that I got 1/3 of the points on the one I just wrote one equation for, and that I got 1/5 of the 5 5-option multiple choice questions right... I got a 56.7/75 on the individual portion of the quiz, or about 75%. I guess that'd be a B, but still... Anyways, if I further assume that we got a 20/25 on our group quiz (a number that is mostly pulled out of my ass), that would be a total of... well, it'd still be about 75%.
And again, this is all assuming I got full points on all of the problems I carried through to the end, which is a relatively big assumption, and I could very well end up with a C or C+.
The moral of the story: Nastassja needs to study harder.

P.S. Wanna know something really embarassing? I choked on a dimensional analysis problem, and in the end I actually answered it after the time was up.


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