tsukikage: (ヒカ碁 - HikaAki argue)
[22:56] 月影: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aU_TQcyGkvY
[22:57] 月影: <3 that song
[22:58] Richard Fears: Eh. It's nice, but the French language still sucks. Too much nasal, not enough guttural.
[22:59] 月影: *rolls my eyes at you*
[22:59] Richard Fears: Mmm... I like how different the sounds are from traditional American rock.
[22:59] 月影: Japanese > German > French > Russian :-P
[22:59] Richard Fears: Blasphemy!
[22:59] 月影: Truth!
[22:59] 月影: Umm...
[22:59] Richard Fears: Japanese > German = Russian > French
[22:59] 月影: Russian > Spanish?
[22:59] 月影: ...at least you have Japanese right?
[23:00] Richard Fears: Russian > Spanish > French
[23:00] 月影: srsly?
[23:00] Richard Fears: I took three years of Spanish. Don't diss the language.
[23:00] 月影: It'
[23:00] 月影: It's so... cliche
[23:01] Richard Fears: Spanish? Only because it's offered so widely.
[23:01] Richard Fears: And why are Spanish and French offered widely? Because we have Canada to the north and Mexico to the south.
[23:02] 月影: I don't know if Canada has much to do with the French...
[23:03] Richard Fears: Rather: Eastern Asian > Germanic = Slavic > Romance
[23:03] 月影: I think it's more that it's considered tradtionally academic and isn't dead
[23:03] Richard Fears: One province does, and that dictates that the whole country is bilingual.
[23:03] 月影: But Canada =/= U.S.
tsukikage: (CB - Ed thinks knows)
[11:32] Richard Fears: Keep in mind that .kArix. (the word that translates as "teacher") actually refers to a sort of nurse/teacher/maid hybrid.
[11:33] Richard Fears: This language was designed as the "natural" language of a fictional species I created.
[11:34] 月影: So more like... caretaker?
[11:34] 月影: Or caretaker who isn't parent?
[11:34] 月影: * a parent
[11:37] Richard Fears: I know there was an analogous version in Victorian England, but I can't remember the name for them.

Any idea what this mystery word is?

ETA: Turns out he was looking for was "governess".


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