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I have to say, I think it's a good thing for me to be eating in the smaller portions that my bento box requires, but it's a tougher deal trying to figure out what to make that'll fit the dimensions. For today's dinner (which shall be eaten at MAS) I made rice (which I'm also currently eating for lunch) and on-the-fly fried curried tofu (I cut up some tofu, poured a little bit of olive oil in a frying pan, heated up the oil and dumped the tofu in, sprinkled some curry powder on top, and fried it for about four minutes...) and cut up some green pepper that was starting to go (throwing away any discolored bits, and some of which I also had for lunch). *shrugs* I'll figure this out eventually.
I have computer-based training at the S.A. I'll be working at at 8 am tomorrow which they said should last until around noon. The dress code is pretty loose: closed-heel, closed-toe comfortable shoes, blue jeans, khakis, or black/navy/grey slacks, and a collared, sleeved, tuckable single-solid-colored shirt (two of which will be provided after a month). No unnatural hair colors allowed. :( (I'm starting to think of getting a blue wig... Is that too stupid?) So, I need to go to Target to get me a collared shirt tomorrow.
I also called UDS today about signing up for Fall shifts for Jamba Juice, and they said I should wait until Monday, which is okay since returning workers get first dibs on shifts. If only I knew exactly what I was taking and when. ><; But I'm just gonna give it my best guess so I don't repeat this summer's mistake and end up without any shifts. SA alone isn't gonna cover my tuition.
Finally, I'm definitely going to interview with Byerly's tomorrow, but looking again at my fall registration, it seems like I wouldn't really be able to do an evening job, unless it's Friday through Sunday only. We'll see. Besides, I need a couple things from that type of store so I might as well kill two birds with one stone.
*wishes I knew where my tea thermos was*
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YAY YAY! Ive been offered a part-time (24-32 hrs./wk.) third-shift (11 pm - 7 am) job at the SA about 5 blocks from my house! The woman from the regional hiring center is going to call me later today to set up a training time! ^_^ The starting wage is $7.25, and I'll receive a $0.50 pay differential for working third shift, and there's an automatic $0.50 pay raise after 90 and either a half or full year (I can't remember which). So, yeah, it might not be my dream job to work at SA, but it's certainly closer than many other places I could have an overnight position at (which is important, considering the infrequency of buses at those hours), and in the end I'll probably enjoy it more than working as a stocker even if it's at a place like Target.
I'm also going in for an interview with catering at Byerly's tomorrow (I can show up any time between 8 am and 6 pm ^^;), which would be an evening position, though I have a feeling it would be on an as-needed basis. They said because of my job with the Univeristy Dining Sevices they have a job that would fit with those skills, which seems like a good sign. In any case, between SA and some hours between classes at Jamba or some other UDS location, I should be good. ^_^
Finally, it seems DS9 season 2 volume 1 (are series abbreviations italicized?) and Gilgamesh volume 1 are on their way from Netflix, and I'm really excited for both. (The trailers for Gilgamesh looked really good. ^_^)
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I decided not to go to the Starbuck's job fair after all, partly because I just wasn't feeling up to it, but also partly because I don't really want to work at a coffee shop anyway, especially one that doesn't really sell anything besides coffee (Caribou, on the other hand, might be an okay coffee place to work at).
Right now I'm trying to apply to jobs using the University's employment site, but so many of the jobs there require a cover letter, which make me just stare at the screen going "you want me to write something?". Laziness + zero writing ability = procrastination when I need to write things such as cover letters.

I wonder how much of a role perfectionism is playing here, although even if I determine that the main problem is I'm overwhelmed at the thought of having to write a "perfect" cover letter, simply acknowledging that fact doesn't really help me get over whatever perfectionism I may have.
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Well, I just got back from 6-ish hours of job hunting. My mind is kind of not working right now (as is usually the case), so I'm not gonna talk about it much, except to say that Tea Source is currently hiring so I'll cross my fingers that I'll get called for an interview for them.
Also, I should mention that I spent about 45 minutes with [livejournal.com profile] darkjing today. We watched the first episode of NANA and generally enjoyed ourselves, I should hope. ^_^

*goes to check if my waffles are ready*

P.S. Nice bus driver lady gave me some of her seeded grapes today since she didn't like them. Good thing too, or I'd be having worse shakes than I am right now.
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Well, despite locking myself in bed at midnight (and I stuck through it very well, if I don't say so myself), I probably got to sleep around 2:30, and then woke up about 1. Now, I know it's not actuallytoo late to go hunting, but... I'm going to give myself one more day. I think lock-in's going to be earlier tonight, though. Maybe brush my teeth at 9:30, read/practice kanji until 10:30, then turn out the light?
Although... Maybe I'll do some light applying in the neighborhood... And definitely a bunch of online applying, especially since my schedule changed.
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Damn... I can't find anyone's phone number that I need to do what I need to do. If only my friggin' organizer hadn't gone missing. ><; (Dad, do you know the number to call to get a human at the Riverview?)
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仕事やバイトをまだ見つけられなかったし、この夏学期の授業を全部やめちゃったんだ。 秋学期から授業を取りたいんだけど、今はアルバイトを探したり、お金をためたり、日本語を勉強したりする。

to do in the next week:
- help San-chan move
- clean my room
- call IKEA to let them know my availability has changed
- go to M.A.S.
- job hunt like woah

things to do this summer:
- study for JLPT 3-kyuu
- study Genki I and II to prepare me for the LPE as well as third year
- study Korean (?)
- find a job, preferably two or three (80 hours a week would be nice) ^^;
- watch lots of anime :)
- attend M.A.S. :)
- read lots of books :)
- go to the State Fair :)
- keep my room clean
- keep the house clean (?)
- keep up with LJ
That oughta keep me busy.

things I need to save up money for:
- a work desk or flat-screen monitor (medium priority)
- a bike (again ><;)
- paying of my credit card bill (high priority)
- JLPT 3-kyuu (medium priority)
- getting a new sound card and/or speakers
- fall tuition (high priority)

And now I go to bed.


Jun. 9th, 2006 02:52 pm
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Damn it... I didn't get the A/V Tech job, and I'm certainly not going to get the IKEA job. どうしよう?
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Oh man... Aimee Mann holding a concert at the Minnesota Zoo on the 23rd.  行きたいなあ。

I also forgot to mention that I called Point of View and someone else stepped up to work weekends, but he said there might be some hours opening up at the cart. :( I need monies!!!

Which OStan are you?

You are Windows Milennium Edition, sometimes known as Miserable Edition. You�re a complete spaz, and you know it, but somehow your cuteness and good nature have made you the most popular OS tan.

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This morning I was feeling better, so I decided to meet Patrick after his class to give him some stuff, and at 11:10 I got up to go find him since I had class in five minutes. I could have sworn that there was a big auditorium by the entrance, and why does it say "School of Mathematics".
Oh. I've been waiting for Patrick to come out of Vincent. Go me.
So I ran over to Tate to see if he was still there, but he wasn't. And now I'm crabby again.

I have a job interview on Monday at 1 for that A/V tech position I briefly mentioned.

And now to box stuff up to take home. After making myself some calories, of course.
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この仕事を探すのは大変。 じつは、一生懸命探さないけど、本当に頑張っています。 授業料を払えなかったら、どうしよう。

シスコはピカードのことをきらいかもしれません。 どうしてあたしはDS9をもっと見なかったの? それに、犬ちゃんのお父さんのDVDをもう貸してもらえないのね。

[EDIT: あっ、きらいね。 In English, though, is Picard superior to Sisko? He acts like it by not outright speaking his mind.

[EDIT: Ah, Sisko's got three circle-y things (yup, I'm a real Trekkie alright - "circle-y things"), I guess Picard is superior.]]
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Okay, I just applied to the 24-hour CVS in Midway. *crosses my fingers*
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Well, one of the Coffman positions I applied for (as a custodian) was closed when the current workers decided to take extra hours, but I got a seemingly mass e-mail (it was BCCed) for the A/V Tech position I applied to asking which of available interview times would work for me so they could draw up an interview schedule.
There are only 2 positions available and I have zero experience, though, so I doubt I'm gonna get that one.
Must do more applying today.

And now, I leave you with a quiz:
Your Famous Last Words Will Be:

"What we know is not much. What we don't know is enormous."


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