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So, I bought two collared shirts at Target today, took off all the tags and washed them, and realized that I can't button it as high as I would like. In fact, I'm a tiny bit worried about whether the manager will be uncomfortable with it. I guess it'll only have to last me thirty days, and maybe it'll be acceptable after all, but still...
I have my night's meal all ready, although it's a little odd... Spinach noodles in the main tray, and raisins and cheddar cheese in the second, and I'm bringing a can of Pepsi to drink (since I haven't found my tea thermos yet). None of it really goes together, and I can't really call it a meal, either. To be honest, the rice/curry tofu/green peppers were really nice, but I'm scared of getting the bag dirty again (it got stained with green oil), and besides I don't have any green peppers.
Eh, I'll think of something better tomorrow. Maybe look around at some online recipes and see what I can do (with the ingredients we currently have ^^;).
I'm a little nervous about tonight. Honestly, I'm not really sure what I'll be doing while we're closed. Most likely stocking, but it's still... I dunno. I feel weird.
Anyways, I'm gonna get ready to go. Catch y'all on the flip side.

P.S. Parents are coming home around 5. :) (Although, I will admit it - I grew to like having the house by myself quite a bit, and I'm gonna miss it.)


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