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[10:07] 月影: I'm feeling much better after having gotten a full night's sleep, but I really don't want to have to actually deal with my bike :(
[10:07] R: Mrar? What's wrong with your bike?
[10:10] 月影: Last night about a mile from my house I was going over some train tracks and my rear brake stopped gripping; I fiddled with the brake handle a bit and then it just locked on me
[10:10] R: Bugger.
[10:11] 月影: Tried to fix it or at least manually release the brake (so it wouldn't brake at all again), but my bike basket was in the way and I just couldn't access the screws (dunno what they're actually called - the things you stick the hex wrench into)
[10:12] 月影: I mean, I probably could've fixed it if I sat down with it for 45 minutes or so, but it was late and cold and I had just gotten off of work and I wasn't feeling it at all
[10:12] 月影: So I tried to call my sister, but then I discovered that I didn't have my phone with me
[10:12] R: {bolts}
[10:12] R: Double bugger
[10:12] 月影: I had either left it at work or, god forbid, it fell on the road during my commute
[10:13] 月影: And when I went into the mini-mart near where I was and borrowed their phone my dad had his phone off and my sister wouldn't answer hers
[10:13] 月影: Eventually I thought to hop on the city WiFi and try IMing my sister, and thankfully she was online so she was able to pick me up
[10:14] R: City WiFi is such an awesome idea. I wish some of the suburbs would try it.
[10:14] 月影: But today I have to use her bike to go pick up mine, put my bike on the bus and take it down to the repair shop, use my savings to repair it (payday's tomorrow and I'm pretty much broke), and go to work to pick up my phone
[10:14] 月影: As I said, not really wanting to deal with all that ><;
[10:15] 月影: It is!
[10:15] 月影: I mean, I have to pay for it, but since I actually get my regular internet through them it's actually included
[10:15] 月影: And you can pay for short-term access if you want
[10:15] *** R signed off from "ArcheeDB894D4E" at 10:15 AM.
[10:15] 月影: I just wish St. Paul had it too so I wouldn't lose access whenever I cross the river
[10:16] 月影: It also sucks that they don't have coverage at my work (although the building's so old there's really no WiFi signal at all inside
[10:16] 月影:
[10:17] 月影: [Turns out you're wrong: "In the fastener industry, the terms socket head or hex socket head are generally used for the driven part of the driver–driven pair. A less common synonym is female hex."}


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