Oct. 30th, 2011

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So, I've been noticing some wrinkles around my neck (on my torso, not face or neck proper), which is making me think it might be time to start using some anti-wrinkle cream on my face. Does anyone know if any of these products actually help, or if they're just snake oil? And if they do, are there any products you recommend?
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  • Вс, 01:09: *eats my first Zebra Cake since 12th grade, fall 2003*
  • Вс, 01:10: RT I love it how Viz didn't even bother to translate the songs. It's not like any of Full Moon's lyrics have importance in the show.
  • Вс, 01:14: @baranoneko I'm re-listening to Love Chronicle, and the lyrics don't seem OMG CRITICAL to the story, though they definitely add to the mood.
  • Вс, 02:21: Madoka Magica meets Old Spice? http://t.co/rjqecUc5
  • Вс, 02:50: Watching the second episode of Chihayafuru and drawing direct connections to the initial episodes of Hikaru no Go. Yay for sports anime?
  • Вс, 03:12: I've decided what I want for Christmas: a foot bath, so I can make my feet un-sore while working on the computer. *nods*
  • Вс, 03:29: Dear people who planned the 1997 Evangelion concert, Did you REALLY need to have THREE versions of Pachelbel's Canon?! In a row, no less!
  • Вс, 05:36: RT @angrykeyboarder: What country won the world series ?
  • Вс, 13:28: Parody of Ke$ha's TikTok: intervention time! http://t.co/EGflecwj
  • Вс, 13:31: (Was watching a few other parodies on The Key of Awesome and yeah, there are a lot of awesome ones.)


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