Oct. 27th, 2011

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hi there, amazing, what belt r u?
I don't do any sports with belts.
I don know, u look like practicing karate. sitting a tough posture so I thought, this one must be black belt..lol so what kind of activity is that? i'm sure whatever it is u r making it look fantastic.
I'm performing a tea ceremony.
Tea ceremony, this is the first time I'm hearing about this, how does it work? Are you instructer or something?, or you just attend the performances.
I'm learning how to perform it - studied for four semesters but am still a total beginner.
Okey, now tell me about yourself, your sex life. Are you seeing somebody with that hot body?
How about I don't.
Hhmm.... that is interest. So that mean you are free. what type of guys are you into?

IDEK. Blocking him now.
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  • Чт, 00:00: I got English Genius on the The Commonly Confused Words Test at OkCupid. http://t.co/EGnYkZLh via @OkCupid
  • Чт, 00:16: Bah! I think I didn't get 100% on that test because the author thought only "whomever" was legit, not either "whomever" or "whoever".
  • Чт, 00:16: I use "whom" on occasion, but even *I* know that it's a dying word it's not considered incorrect to go with "who" instead.
  • Чт, 00:50: Watching a dorama about a family with 8 kids who all sleep in the same room. How did the later kids ever get conceived?
  • Чт, 02:17: SUPER serious question, guys: is Lady Gaga rap enough to thumb up on my "Rap I Like" Pandora station? I'm thinking no...
  • Чт, 02:18: (Then again, there's some straight-up ballads that I thumbed up just because they were sung by R&B artists...)
  • Чт, 02:22: "'Omu-rice' Rice Omelet"... Whut? There's so much oddness in that name, I don't even know where to start...


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