Jun. 9th, 2011

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Pretty sure I wrote this during Discovery Club in 6th grade, I think with Colin Levine-Horrigan (do you remember this?). The file's listed as last edited on March 10th, 1998. So bad. ^^;


“Star Trek”

Star Trek could kill the Men in Black (in a second flat) oh yeah!
They destroyed the Borg, put them in the morgue.
They blew off Q, no matter what he’d do.
Kicked him in the butt with a steel toed shoe!

It all started with Kirk, well, not quite.
Actually, it was Robert April, who’s clothes fit tight.
Then it was Pike, you saw him in “The Cage.”
Let’s put the size of those brains on a gauge.

Then it was Kirk, heir to the Enterprise.
Some Trekkers’ favorites, I must surmise!
His 1st officer Spock, doctor, Bones.
Does he actually treat many bones?

Next in the chain, after the Enterprise
Original, A and B
Was the first girl captain
____________, of the Enterprise C. *

As we go on, we meet Capt. Picard
Commanding the Enterprise D
In Generations his ship got destroyed,
And he received the Enterprise E

Then we meet Sisko and his son Jake
They like to go fishing @ a holographic lake
He fights the Jem Hadar
With a space station slower than a car.
(and the defiant)

Finally Janeway
A beautiful gal
Her 1st officer Chakotay
Such a great pal

As I rap up this song
I compliment Men in Black
But as I said before, Starfleet could easily defeat
That’s a rap!

* Rachel Garrett, sayeth Wikipedia

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Jun. 9th, 2011 12:17 pm
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