May. 18th, 2011

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I received this comment on a co-worker's Facebook wall yesterday:
your name makes me wanna puke nastassja its nasty ass and somthing else in it

It seems that someone - probably said co-worker - deleted the comment. It didn't really offend me as I just assumed it was random flaming/trolling (as Mike said when I showed him the comment, it just seemed like he was 10), but it was still a bit of a shocker.

Had our first D&D campaign since probably April 16th. It took us upwards of half an hour just to re-figure what the hell we were doing, but we finally finished our battle with the Sahuagin (granted they may return if we don't leave the village). Lots of dead villagers, but all PCs were relatively unharmed and we all reached level 3. We'll probably be leaving the village in around a week game-time and hopefully getting of the damn island we're on.

Started playing Galaxy Legion on an "empty" Facebook account and it's surprisingly addicting for such a simple game. I think they deliberately designed the game to draw you back as often as possible. Basically you can only do stuff with energy which depletes 100s of times as quickly as it builds and has a cap, so you "need to" return to the game often so as to not waste precious energy-building time with your energy level at its cap.

Gah! I just logged in and found I had been attacked. I thought I could only be attacked starting from level 20, and I was only level 10!! ><; Thankfully I only lost stuff in the battle that I didn't really need.


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