May. 4th, 2011

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RT @HipsterMermaid I can relate to the government right now - I once spent 10 years trying to find the perfect cardigan.

Yeah, so, I hate microwaving a meal for myself only to find that it must have been at less than full power. Seriously, wish they automatically reset to full power considering how rarely anyone actually uses lower power settings.

Grr, the website for my textbook is down, so I guess I'm going to bed early. Guess I'll have to do my best to try to get up early tomorrow. *insert annoyance at not having a physical textbook here*

Shows just how much of a grammar/spelling Nazi I can be that I'm getting such a (painful) kick out of this.
(Actually, the Lilah one seemed overboard, and there are others that struck me as honest-to-god typos, but the point still stands: OBEY THE RED SQUIGGLY UNDERLINES AND RESEARCH UNKNOWN HOMYNYMS!)

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Possibly making a very idiotic decision, but one that I could back out of easily at least. Sutoresu ga ippai.
(That said, I feel like it has the potential to be a very positive decision, so we'll see.)

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@baranoneko How'd that happen?

FUCK YES!! I thought I had managed to shoot myself in the foot academically/finacially, but after submitting a petition I was told was highly unlikely to be approved, I just found out that it was in fact approved. FUCK YEAH!! ^_^
There's another stress element in my life that may or may not be temporarily reduced (I should find out in about an hour). If it is, I'll still need to learn to eliminate it on my own, but now really isn't the time.

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RT @johnmoe "I love when people make up fake quotes about me reading obituaries." - Mark Twain

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@Goldeneyeuro Congrats!!

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@lugia222 If by "appreciate" you mean "be made to cry inside", then yes, I appreciated that. ><;

23:17:30 (Twitter)
@lugia222 Exactly. I mean, at the very least respect that other people might value the physical condition of their belongings.


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