Apr. 29th, 2011

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Oh god. This is so, so, so NSFW. Or maybe it would be if your boss thinks of it as art instead of simply inappropriate. Anyway, OH. MY. GOD. THAT THING IS NOT GOING IN THERE NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU TRY! WTF.
And of course I just came across another painting that's even more insane.

RT @BBCPeterHunt In her wedding vows, Kate Middleton won't promise to "obey" her new husband -- rather "love, comfort, honour and keep him". #BBCWedding
Seriously, I can't imagine anyone actually promising to obey their husband in this day and age. Has anyone actually been to a wedding with this in the vows?

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RT @BBCPeterHunt In her wedding vows, Kate Middleton won't promise to "obey" her new husband -- rather "love, comfort, honour and keep him". #BBCWedding

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@sarsfansubs *crosses my fingers for him, you, and all your family*

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@killercherrypie Does your gaman-ability depend on what sort of job you have at the time? I imagine it's easier the less you stand.

Haven't had anything to eat since around 7 last night other than a slice of white bread, a bunch of mugicha, and now a mug of lavender earl grey and some dry rice Chex. Unfortunately, my stomach's starting to feel wonky, but I don't know if that's queasiness from drinking black tea on an empty-ish stomach, a side-effect of not having eaten much in the last 16 hours, queasiness as a new symptom of this bug, or if the Chex is causing me to start cramping again. At the very least the discomfort is very low-grade, so I''ll finish the Chex and then stop for a while, switching back to mugicha.

How my handwriting has changed since Kindergarten
I feel like a similar thing has happened to my print skills since learning cursive.
How to fix any computer
Hearing test - the highest I can hear is 16 kHz. :( Actually, no, if I turn up my volume and the volume on the test all the way I can hear 17 kHz too.

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RT @ANN_Bamboo I'll accept that penmanship is a relic of a bygone era when kids figure out how to type a complete sentence without using numbers.

I wonder if I should force myself to write in print from now on, if only so people of the next generation can actually read what I write.

Really want chips and salsa, but scared that the salsa's gonna fuck me up. Really, I just want food, and I'm not 100% sure that even "easily digestible" food won't cause me pain. Then again, it's not like I can just starve myself, and a bowl of dry chex is not going to be enough to last me 24 hours. *decides to risk the salsa*

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@lugia222 Congrats!!

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RT @HeyItsLiam I'll watch the Royal Wedding only if The Doctor has to stop it halfway through to foil a Dalek alien invasion. #margaretthatcherwasadalek

Oh wow... This song's gorgeous. Love RSP.

Rebecca Rolling

Deciding between a layover in Union Station from 1:15 AM to 11:30 AM or getting in to Champaign at 12:45 AM (after the bus that goes by my house has stopped)... Idly thinking if I were still with Mike I could bug him for a ride from the terminal. ^^;

The fuck. Of COURSE when I manage to side-step the cramps with a properly tame diet, my body decides to amp up the headache and general body aches. Anyone know a free masseuse who does house-calls at 10 PM?

Risking a chicken pot pie. *crosses my fingers that the virus is gone-ish*

I'll say this: the only time I think war can be justified is when you will save more lives on all sides than will die on all sides in the process. As cliche as it sounds, I had always thought the European front of WWII was one of those few examples, but looking at this Wikipedia entry I now even doubt the justification of that war. Plus, I have to wonder if there might've been a better way to save those who were being persecuted, such as putting greater efforts into smuggling those peoples out of Nazi-controlled countries. Then again... I suppose without going to war the very non-Pacifist Hitler would have just continued to take over the world. See, this is why I can never come to any real stances on serious issues - I try to take absolutely everything into account.

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Gonna be in MN 5/28-6/13: http://tsukikage85.livejournal.com/1415833.html
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Guys, I'm such an idiot. So basically I booked the $100 worth of tickets to/from MN without talking to my Walgreens manager first (WTF was I thinking? That he wouldn't mind since I was already on "sabbatical", I guess.), and when he called me today about maybe coming in this weekend I brought up the trip with him and he didn't seem sure that he'd be able to spare me. I then also stupidly mentioned that I had already bought the tickets (meaning to express that I knew which dates specificially I needed him to check on), and then he let out a sound of disbelief, so I immediately said not to consider that in his decision. But seriously, what was I thinking? So now if I have to stay in IL during that time, I'll be missing out on both the $100 (granted while earning money) and seeing my friends/family/sister's high school graduation. Granted the $100 is a sunk cost at this point, but that just re-emphasizes that I should've talked to my manager ahead of time.

Then I also let myself get wrangled into a 10.5 hour shift Saturday and 8.5 hour shift Sunday in addition to the 6.5 hour shift I had already agreed to on Monday. Granted the school situation has eased quite a bit, but that's still a lot of hours LITERALLY right before finals week. *sighs* 頑張らないとな。

On a related note, I don't think I can manage ACEN this year, both for financial reasons and because I don't want to further inconvenience my manager. I'lll still pay my portion of the hotel cost, though.

My lips are so very chewed right now, and I have acid reflux. Joy.

ETA: Actually, I might be able to transfer most of the cost of my tickets to a different trip, possibly later in the summer. Still feel like an ass for potentially missing Allie's graduation, but I guess it works since I missed Alana's?


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