Apr. 28th, 2011

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This is mainly for people in Chambana, but who knows if this bug'll spread to other regions. I feel kind of silly posting this, but I definitely know I would have appreciated reading it ahead of time, so here goes:

Apparently there's some viral bug going around causing, among other things, abdominal pain. For me this pain has been fairly consistent for most of the last 40 hours, although for the other people I live with it's been coming in waves. In any case, I discovered that the pain gets much worse after eating (after dinner today it was almost to the point of crying, but then again I'm a wuss), so I called the pharmacist and he said that he's familiar with this bug* and that the best thing to do is to try to eat as little as possible and also to stick to easily digestible foods such as simple grains (white bread, rice, saltines, etc.), avoiding dairy. I'm just happy because I called later to ask if sorbet would be fine, and he said that'd work well. ^_^ *eyes my Haagen-Dazs mango sorbet in the fridge* OH! He also said anti-gas medicine such as Maalox can help.

So yeah, if you notice similar symptoms, don't keep going with your regular diet or you might regret it.

* Apparently it basically shuts down the digestive tract.
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Finally finished moving my DiaryLand entries to LJ, although after finding a Twitter app that lets me export my Tweets from up to 3,200 Twets back, I'm seriously considering spending some time manually posting those as backdated entries to LJ as well.

Vaguely wondering if I have a partial bowel obstruction. Not that I'm a doctor or anything, but since the discomfort keeps extending upward and seems to be related to intake of food and liquids, maybe everything's super backed-up?

Mary said apparently there's a bug going around with the same symptoms I've been having, so yay! I'd been vaguely worried that it was a partial bowel obstruction or even ectopic pregnancy, but it seems that I'm safe.

Just read some e-mails that I'd been avoiding out of anxiety for around 18 hours. Worst thing was there was work I had to do based on whatever the e-mails said, but I couldn't do it until I read them. I'm glad I finally broke through it, but god damn I wish I had been able to gather the courage after, say one or two hours, not fucking EIGHTEEN.
Best part, though? The e-mail wasn't that bad. That's not always the case, but

~20:30 (Twitter)
Shit... Is this what some women's menstrual cramps are like? I can see why they call in sick...
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Guys, I'm so very lost, and about something that should be sooo simple.

[00:48] 月影: Ano ne, I have this weird question about order of operations
[00:49] 月影: 6÷2(1+2)... That *is* 9, right, not 1?
[00:52] 茜ちゃん: buuuuuh
[00:52] 茜ちゃん: Isn't it 1?
[00:52] 月影: I'm so confuuuuzed
[00:52] 茜ちゃん: Stuff in parentheses is usually first
[00:52] 月影: Like, I know parens come first, but I don't know if that applies to what happens outside the parens
[00:53] 月影: like, is 6÷2(1+2) = 6÷2*(1+2), or 6÷(2(1+2))
[00:53] 茜ちゃん: multiplication when shown by parentheses is usually given a higher priority than other operations, too.
[00:53] 茜ちゃん: 6(n) has the same priority as 6n, I think.
[00:54] 月影: and 6/6(n) would be 1/n, not n?
[00:54] 茜ちゃん: hmmm, don't use the slash there if the previous notation was with a proper division sign
[00:56] 茜ちゃん: 6 ÷ 2(1+2) = 6 ÷ 2n where n = (1+2)
[00:56] 茜ちゃん: so 6 ÷ 2n = 3 ÷ n
[00:56] 茜ちゃん: n = 3, so
[00:57] 茜ちゃん: it ends up being 3 ÷ 3
[00:57] 茜ちゃん: = 1
[00:57] 月影: hmm
[00:57] 月影: yeah
[00:57] 月影: that makese some weird sense
[00:57] 月影: sdfjasdlfkjasdfjlkdj
[00:57] 月影: I DON"T KNOOOOOOOW

[00:54] 月影: Mike, how strong is your order of operations?
[00:54] Mike: ... huh?
[00:54] Mike: ... i ... exercise it daily... yeah
[00:54] Mike: tried to use steroid son it... but
[00:55] 月影: 6÷2(1+2)... That *is* 9, right, not 1?
[00:55] Mike: the parenthesis are done first
[00:56] Mike: so 6/2*3
[00:56] Mike: yes, so 9
[00:56] 月影: okay
[00:56] 月影: for some reason my brain was trying to tell me that the "power of the parens" extended to the implied multiplication as well

So, my imaginary internet friends, WHICH IS IT?!
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Woke him up with a barrel to his head
His eyes shut tight bracing for the blow
Resigning his life to the metal held in another
Man’s hand

Twenty days in a concrete fallout
What life have I to take your own
Oh my country, won’t you call out
Doorbells are ringing with boxes of bones
From another land’s war torn corners
To a prison cell in my own
Punish me for not taking your orders
But don’t lock me up for not leavin’ my home

Your words just a bloody fallacy
A house of cards you painted white
You tried to recreate Normandy
But you made up the reason to fight
And now red oil is spillin’ down on the street
And your eyes so big for the belly is weak
Will you not refuse this currency
Or is blood money just money to you
Is blood money just money to you

Twenty days in a concrete fallout
What life have I to take your own
Oh my country, won’t you call out
Doorbells are ringing with boxes of bones
From another land’s war torn corners
To a prison cell in my own
Punish me for not taking your orders
But don’t lock me up for not leavin’ my home
Leavin’ my home
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Have to make this its own post:

For the first time since I started getting official credit scores in July of 2010, one of my three credit scores (Experian) has hit 709!! And back in July 2010 it was only 628! The other two are still at 688 and 692 still, and they started out much higher, but still - I'm happy! There's some weirdness going on with the Experian (Score Tracker) score, but I'm looking in to that.

But guys! 709!! That's officially "good"!!

I can't wait until July when one hard inquiry each will be dropped from my Equifax and TransUnion reports. :)
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SO!! I've finally been able to book my tickets to Minnesota! I'll be getting in at 6:30 AM on Saturday, May 28th at 6:30 AM and leaving on Monday, June 13th at 11:30 AM. The only thing I have down on my schedule right now is Allie's graduation on the evening of June 7th but I don't know what other stuff'll come up with my family. In either case, if you have any particular dates/times that'd work best for hang out-age, lemme know and I'll do my best to accomodate. ^_^


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