Apr. 26th, 2011

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Convo w/ Mike: )

What prompted this discussion was a Future Tense (or whatever the hell it's called now) episode from last week that said it would be going away in 10 (?) days and mentioned the availability of the special, so I especially after having watched Weird Al's "White and Nerdy" video so many times, I had to see it for myself. Anyway, in looking up the specific closing date of the service I found the following on Wikipedia:

On April 15, 2011, Google announced via email that after April 29 they would no longer allow playback of content hosted on their service, but reversed the decision one week later in lieu of greater support for migration to Youtube.


ETA: You know, it's no fair that to join the military all you have to do is show up (?), but to join Americorps you have to fill out applications and essays. I think I probably would have gone through with it if the process weren't so mendou kusai.
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[01:57] 月影: oh, had you heard that apparently the ferengi were originally supposed to be the big enemy in tng/
[01:57] Mike: which would be more interesting to sell as a tv show?
[01:58] Mike: as opposed to like... the intergalatic hamsters they actually became?
[01:58] Mike: (hamsters like to hoard things)
[01:58] 月影: *cracks up*
[01:58] Mike: ... or ferrets?
[01:58] 月影: oh god, that's awesome
[01:58] 月影: no
[01:58] 月影: hamsters
[01:58] 月影: better image
[01:58] 月影: *sporfles*
[01:58] 月影: or... or... pugs!
[01:59] 月影: hiding their chew toys!
[01:59] Mike: ... i expect a twitter/LJ on this now
[01:59] 月影: no worries
[01:59] 月影: it's definitely going up
[01:59] 月影: *laughs*
[01:59] 月影: i actually posted our convo on the SWHS to LJ earlier :-P
[02:00] 月影: oh god, i'm gonna be laughing about that periodically for at least a day

ETA: OMG, we just sustained an hour-long conversation. Craziness. O.O :-P
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I've been keeping a text file of mini-posts which I'm going to put in one post at the end of the day, but I felt this one deserved its own post:

Just read an interesting poem about veterans, etc., and it stirred up a a lot of feelings in me, most of them positive (although I'm still a pacifist who thinks even killing in the context of war is almost always wrong). Anyway, point is, it roused all the positive feeling I happen to have towards the military, and then threw it away by digressing to a veteran criticizing flag burners and talking about how we need to respect the flag, etc.

Now granted people who go out and deliberately burn flags generally are burning it for deeper reasons, but I continue to believe that the American flag - all nations' flags - are nothing more than pieces of cloth. Yes, it is a symbol for our country, but the symbol's not important. If anything, putting too much emphasis on it is indicative of the sort of blind patriotism/religious fanaticism which I feel led to such things as the Holocaust or the Crusades. It's the rights, the freedoms, the generosity of the people, working towards the common good... THOSE are what's important. THAT is what we must always respect. And for as much as you believe that killing can be justified in war... Give thanks to those who were brave enough and committed enough to risk their lives and sacrifice so much more to try to protect this country. At the very least they were overcoming their own fears for something they felt was just.

The flag? Nothing more than a string around your finger to keep these things in mind, if that.

ETA: You know, I was reading a some Christianity-related stuff (comments to a post linked by [livejournal.com profile] jadeejf) and realized... I think I believe the American flag to be akin to an idol for some.


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