Apr. 25th, 2011

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Yay! I was able to get my iPod working it again by plugging it in to my laptop which successfully allowed me to do an erase and sync, which I then stopped mid-sync (there was no point in letting it finish) and then plugged back in to my desktop. *is brilliant (and happy)*

Dianne's home to work on art today, so I'm studying in my room. :)

I need that "better than you, smarter than you, just plain awesome" dark Mercury icon I used to have... Will hunt it down later.
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(relatively) drama-free convo. with Mike under the cut: )

That was really interesting/amusing. Although for a tiny bit of frustration, he didn't IM me after that. *repeats the mantra to myself* "We're broken up - it doesn't matter if he doesn't reply. We're broken up - it doesn't matter if he doesn't reply."

ETA: I just realized that Semagic's been posting my entries as having been posted an hour before they really have. Like, this one was actually posted at 1:55. Weird... Gonna look into that.


Apr. 25th, 2011 01:59 pm
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ETA: Sweet - I fixed it! There was a "fixed time zone" setting set to GMT -0600 I had to clear.
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For people running iTunes on Windows 7 (maybe Vista) who have iTunes pinned to the Taskbar:

You have to open up itunes so both icons are showing, then right click on the new one, the one that's focused on itunes, and click Pin this to taskbar. Then right click on the old one, and unpin it from the taskbar. It should fix it.



Apr. 25th, 2011 09:25 pm
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I think I was Pandora in a past life.

ETA: In moving my old Diaryland entries to LJ (only 3.5 months left!) I've discovered that apparently I inherited my mom's proclivity to cut off friends who don't meet my expectations. I never really realized this before, but it's kind of disturbing. :-/

ETA2: So, as I've mentioned I've been doing really well with the Mike thing lately, but today I was struck with a desire to spend maybe a half-hour cuddling with him this weekend, the way one would want to take a hot bath after a long week. *sighs* Guess I'll just have to take a bath instead. ;)

ETA3: I'm always amused when people send me a DM asking for posting access to [livejournal.com profile] japanese and feel the need to tell me what their post will be about. If you've read the rules and don't have any questions, you don't need to run the post by me first. I'll have to do some clean-up of the comm's profile when the semester's over.


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