Apr. 24th, 2011

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I just realized that for never having broken a bone, I have mightily scarred knees. I count 7, and I think this other skinning I got at the end of March may become number 8. Guess I'm not gonna be a leg model any time soon, toned or not. Seriously, though, it kind of sucks that the one body part I'm confident in is so... damaged. At least they're all flesh-tone, relatively small, and not too distracting. (Well, unless I'm doing homework. If I'm doing homework, my own breathing could probably distract me. Thus me feeling the need to make this post.)

ETA: My comb smells kind of good, and I recognize the scent, but I can't quite pin it down. OOH! Just figured it out - for whatever reason it smells like honeycomb. *is boggled*
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I'm a fucking idiot. *shoots self*

In lighter news, I've decided I need to make a pillow for studying on my stomach - basically a firm-ish inclined plane so I don't have this 20 degree backward bend while reading on my stomach.

ETA: Duuuuude, I just realized how much easier my floor will be to keep free of dust if/when I get a loft bed. Awesomeness!!
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Dudes, haven't cried in 2.5 days! How awesome is that? (I'm just going to ignore the fact that there's a reason for that, but whatever. As long as it worked?)

ETA: Ach, ich bin so muede. Aber mit so viel die ich diese Woche tun muss.... Weiss ich nicht ob ich heute Nacht schlafen darf. Naja, obwohl ich darf oder nicht, voraussichtlich schlafe ich schlussendlich. (Geht das? "voraussichtlich [...] schlussendlich"?

ETA2: Lulz, and the best part is, I washed all my sheets and even my comforter, so my bed's going to be soooo inviting.

ETA3: Tomato juice down the wrong pipe. Joy.

ETA4: ETA: The new (old?) Twitter. Anyway, idiotically tried to push my iPod to 3.5 GB and now my computer isn't even recognizing that I plugged it in. How the hell am I going to change the files I'm trying to sync if the damn thing won't even show up in iTunes?

ETA5: Restarting the iPod fixed the problem. Yay! *cuts an album from the sync list*

ETA6: Neeeevermind. Looks like my iPod's officially a brick as far as any further syncing is concerned, leaving me with just the iPhone. :-/ Boo. I want my automatic updating to smart playlists!!


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