Apr. 12th, 2011

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Hilarious story:

So, I was trying to remember a word that had something to do with improving ones communication or persuasion, and I thought it began with a D. Couldn't figure it out, so I called my dad (who was an English major and a writer and generally quite intelligent) and described the word to him, and he was pretty sure what word I was talking about and explained the use more clearly to me, and tried figuring out what the word was online. Eventually he gave up and said he'd keep looking and text me if he figured it out, and I joked that I asked him how much he'd want to bet that we'd figure it out at the same time. Anyways, as I was looking around on Wikipedia it suddenly came to me (rhetoric), so I called him back and it turned out that dad was calling me at the exact same time - like, he could hear my dialing right after he dialed. What makes it even better, he didn't manage to find it either - it had just come to him too. So the word just came to us at pretty much the exact same time, despite the fact that I put us down the "D" route. Like father like daughter much?

Seriously, though, for how little we have in common to talk about, there are so many ways in which we're alike. I love my dad. ^_^


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