Mar. 7th, 2011

tsukikage: (Azumanga - 31+30+42>100)
94/120 on a test I did in a third of the allotted time, without having finished reading the material, AND having accidentally left my textbook at work? Not great, but definitely better than it could have been. Also, feeling royally stupid for having forgotten said textbook at work after having asked for a ride from one of my co-workers specifically so I could get home as soon as possible to start the test.


Also, for some god-forsaken reason iTunes has decided it hates me and must constantly crash. Tried resetting my iPod thinking that it was causing problems during the sync process, but now iTunes keeps farting out on me while the songs try to transfer to my iPod. I'm thinking the next step will be uninstalling and reinstalling iTunes, but it just sounds like a royal pain in the ass. :-/ Well, as long as I make sure I save my library beforehand, it shouldn't be TOO bad.

Oh lol. Now I find that when I try to detect music from iTunes while my iPod is attempting to update Semagic freezes, probably because it's waiting on iTunes. IDEK, guys. Really tempted to suck up the lower storage space and go with a 64 GB Zune. I'll figure out what songs to not include somehow...

OH HAI ALEX, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! ^_____^ (In case that came off as sarcastic, I totally didn't mean it to be.)


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