Feb. 9th, 2011

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By which I mean that I'm renting one for $30/month, and bought a new tuner, some books, a music stand, and a shoulder rest to go with it. If I actually practice on a regular basis I'll probably buy a cheap (~$500) one, or possibly buy one from Mike's "sister". When I putzed with it in the store (trying to play Frere Jacques) I could barely draw the bow steadily, and I straddled the strings once or twice, but I was at least able to sort of make music. ^^; Unfortunately no-one was available to tape it so I'll probably have to buy some tape of my own and put them down with help of the tuner I bought, but I think I can handle that. Sad thing is, when I stopped playing violin in 11th-ish grade I had actually finally gotten up the confidence to remove my tapes, but now that confiidence is gone. :-/ My ability to read music has gone to crap, too. Plus I never really got down which notes on the violin were flat/sharp, but I guess that's why I'm starting from a level one book.

Anyways. Yes. バイオリンを手に入れた!!

ETA: Didn't tune my violin earlier 'cuz it was out in the cold and I needed to wait for it to come to room temperature, then I didn't 'cuz I was studying, then because everyone was asleep. But I just realized I can tune it by pizzing it, which is what I did. And now I'm pizzing my way through the first few pages of the intro book. Yay, procrastinating and guitar-style violin! (Yeah, too lazy to pizz in proper position. Whatcha gonna do about it, huh?)

ETA 2: I'm actually picking this up faster than I would have thought. Already re-learning to read the notes and somewhat instinctively knowing where the correct position is. I also figured out that I have a good enough ear for a proper octave that I can check my fignering relatively easily on my own, so perhaps I'll skip the taping and just check myself on a regular basis against the octave/tuner.
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Why We're Here: Twin Cities from Seven and Sixty Productions on Vimeo.

I wish wherever I end up living would magically be half an hour from the Twin Cities. Need to be rich and buy my own Concorde jet.
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Duress exists when the wrongful threat of one person induces another person to perform an act that he or she would not otherwise have performed . In such a situation, duress is said to negate the mental state necessary to commit a crime because the defendant was forced or compelled to commit the act. Duress can be used as a defense to most crimes except murder.

By that description of duress, wouldn't killing in self defense be considered duress? And if so, wouldn't that mean that self-defense doesn't justify said killing? Or perhaps murder has a more specific legal definition that doesn't encompass killing in self-defense?

ETA: Nevermind, the next section explained the separate defense of self-defense.


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